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Fire Extinguisher Training for Assisted Living Centers

Last Updated: January 25, 2017

Is your assisted living or long-term care facility prepared to handle a fire? Even with the best fire prevention methods in place, there’s no way to guarantee a blaze won’t break out. If this happens, your staff members must be prepared to use a fire extinguisher and take immediate action to evacuate all building residents to safety. If your employees haven’t been properly trained to use a fire extinguisher or evacuate the facility in an orderly fashion, don’t delay this training another day.

State Systems offers fire extinguisher training throughout the Mid-South, including Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. Learn more about the importance of being prepared if you run an assisted living center or long-term care facility or contact us for service in your area!

Fire Extinguisher Training for Assisted Living / Long-Term Care

If you have fire extinguishers installed in your facility, you’ve already taken the first step. However, extinguishers are useless unless your employees know how to use them in a fire emergency. That’s why you should schedule training for each new employee you hire and repeat training for your existing staff on an annual basis.

Benefits of Training Your Staff to Use a Fire Extinguisher

You can’t predict when an unexpected fire will break out, but you can prepare your employees by training them to use a fire extinguisher. Consider the benefits of making fire extinguisher training a priority:

  • Your employees learn to handle emergency situations calmly and effectively, responding without hesitation to extinguish a blaze.
  • A staff member’s quick, correct use of a fire extinguisher could stop the fire at its source to minimize property damage and save lives.
  • Training teaches your employees which symbol on an extinguisher corresponds to which type of fire so they’re less likely to make the flames worse by using the wrong extinguisher to douse the blaze.
  • The person operating a fire extinguisher is less liable to injure themselves when they’ve undergone the proper training.
  • Fire extinguisher training ensures you comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations to avoid costly fines and penalties.
  • Properly documented training could allow you to claim deductions on your facility’s insurance premiums.

Virtual Fire Extinguisher Training from State Systems

Now that you know how important fire extinguisher training is, you need to schedule training with a reputable company. State Systems offers innovative, hands-on fire training to give your staff realistic practice using an extinguisher in a safe, virtual setting.

Training begins by examining a standard fire extinguisher and learning what the different parts do. The trainer explains the best technique for using a fire extinguisher, which is to PASS (Pull the pin, Aim the nozzle at the base of the flames, Squeeze the trigger, and Sweep from side to side).

Then, each employee gets a chance to practice using the extinguisher against a virtual fire. Everyone receives answers to their questions and leaves the training session feeling confident about using a fire extinguisher if a real emergency strikes.

Give Your Staff the Fire Extinguisher Training They Need

Mid-South Fire Prevention & Preparation Training Services

If you run an assisted living or long-term care facility in the Mid-South region, State Systems is your source for fire extinguisher training. We can schedule a convenient visit to your property, so training doesn’t take your employees away from their work for long. As a life safety contractor, we can also help you develop a fire safety plan if you don’t already have one.

Contact us today to learn more about the fire safety services we offer in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

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