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What to Look for in a Commercial Phone System Vendor

Posted on: August 30, 2014

Is your company looking for a commercial phone system provider? Many vendors offer increased customization and features, cost savings, portability and improved communication amongst employees and clients. But with so many features and new technology, what do you look for in a new phone system vendor? We’ve outlined the main considerations when switching to a new commercial phone system company.

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Top 10 Questions for a Commercial Phone System Vendor

1. How long have you been in business?

You’ll want to look for a vendor that has an established business of providing commercial phone systems and solutions to their customers. Stability is key, as investing in a new phone system will last your business a long time. A long-standing business indicates that they offer reliable contracts, have solid relationships with manufacturers and have the support staff necessary to manage your new account.

2. Do you have references?

A vendor that has been in business for a while should also have a long list of customers they’ve served over the years. Pick a vendor that is happy to provide a list of satisfied customers. References from existing customers can help you make your decision.

3. Do you offer phones from more than one manufacturer?

In addition to choosing a phone system vendor, you will also need to select your phone system. Your potential vendor should offer phone systems from more than one manufacturer to help ensure that you will get the best phone system for your company, not just the best phone system from a particular contracted manufacturer.

For example, at State Systems Inc., we offer our Mid-South customers phone systems from ESI, Panasonic and Tadiran.

4. Can you provide an on-site demo?

Phone systems are complicated enough, and you might not be sure which is best for your business without experiencing and interacting with different systems. Ask for an on-site demo for the key decision makers in your company. You’ll be able to see the pros and cons of different systems and build a better relationship with your vendor.

5. Do you provide training?

Your phone system, with all its useful features and customizable options, may be confusing to initially set up and implement throughout your office. A phone system vendor that provides training proves they are truly trying to find the best solution that will help your business improve communication.

6. Can you install VoIP phone systems from start to finish?

Some vendors offer complete installation services, but they can’t always guarantee that they can install your new phone system. Important questions to ask when requesting a quote and specifications are, “Can you install the new phone system without a hitch? Will you be able to retrofit the new phone system if you need to?” An experienced phone system provider will want to visit your location before giving a quote.

7. Do you also offer cabling for VoIP?

Depending on how complex your phone system will be, you’ll want to ask if the vendor provides data cabling installation and service which VoIP systems are built on. Any problems with cabling can affect a VoIP phone system, so a vendor that does data cabling is a big advantage.

For example, at State Systems Inc., we offer data cabling installation and service in addition to our commercial phone system vendor services. If a customer builds an extension and needs phones in the annex, we could add a cabling system and a phone system as one job, rather than requiring the customer to hire out two companies.

8. Do you offer long-term maintenance?

Complex commercial phone systems require maintenance—the job is not done after installation. Ask potential phone system vendors if they offer long-term maintenance on the system, what is included in those plans and if they will cost extra.

9. Can you handle our software and hardware updates?

As new features are available, you want to ensure that your phone systems can stay with the times, and that starts with the support offered by the vendor when it comes to software and hardware updates. Whether remotely or in office, a good phone system vendor will be supportive for new installations and updates to ensure that the system continues to provide your business with what it needs on a day-to-day basis.

10. Do you offer 24/7 support?

While your office may have set hours, your phone system needs to be reliable 24/7. Ask if round-the-clock support is provided if a glitch were to occur and know that you’ll be in good hands if anything were to go wrong. A good agreement should cover weekends and holidays.

Commercial Phone Systems in TN, AR & MS

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