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Selecting a Quality Structured Cabling Contractor for Your Property

Last Updated: July 30, 2016

If you run a business, office or data center that depends on a structured cabling system, it’s essential to hire a quality contractor to design, install, maintain and optimize the infrastructure properly. You don’t have time to deal with a poorly implemented structured cabling system because this could hinder business operations and productivity.

For a hassle-free structured cabling system and the most efficient operation possible, make sure your system is done right. Here are the qualities to look for in the contractor you hire.

Fair and Detailed Quote

It’s wise to speak with at least two or three structured cabling system contractors in your area so you can compare quotes. Just remember: you get what you pay for, so if one quote is significantly lower than the rest discard it if it’s a true outlier. Your intent should be to obtain a detailed quote resulting in a fair price.

Strong Customer Reviews

The last thing you want is to be an installer’s guinea pig. One way to make sure a company will keep its promises is to compare customer reviews. Look for satisfied customers who highlight the contractor’s trustworthiness, prompt response time and problem solving abilities. A contractor with these characteristics is sure to meet your needs.

Timely Installation

Perhaps the biggest roadblock to moving forward with structured cabling installation is the concern regarding company downtime. Whether you’re upgrading your system, installing a new one or moving to a new location, your contractor should focus on getting your cabling system up and running as quickly as possible so you can continue with critical business operations. With this regard for your needs, you can trust that downtime will be limited.

The Proposed System Meets Your Needs

Not all structured cabling systems are created equal. When you speak with a contractor and read over the detailed quote, can you tell that the design meets your current needs? And if something changes in the future, will it be possible to retrofit the system to meet your needs then? The answers to these questions determine whether you’ve chosen the right structured cabling system provider.

Standards and Certifications Are Accounted For

Trustworthy cabling installers always regard state and local building codes with the utmost importance. They also ensure their systems meet all standards and certifications, including BICI, EIA/TIA, ANSI and NECE. During your research, ask potential contractors if they take these standards and certifications into account.

Accurate Test Results

A great characteristic of reputable structured cabling installers is that they don’t expect you to take their word for it. They run accurate tests to demonstrate that your system meets all category standards. This gives you peace of mind that your structured cabling system will perform as expected.

Testing and Diagnosis

Even the most optimally designed and installed structured cabling system can experience problems. It’s easiest to hire a company upfront that can handle all testing, diagnosis and repair needs for both cabling and hardware in the years to come. This reduces complications, prevents finger pointing when the problem is found, and speeds up the maintenance and repair processes.

Cable Fiber Termination

As you add more bandwidth to your computer system, terminating the cable fibers becomes increasingly complex and important. If expanded bandwidth is in your future, it’s vitally important that your structured cabling system provider can terminate cable fibers correctly. Ask about this when you interview potential contractors.

Proper Labeling and Documentation

Your business isn’t a static enterprise. Employees come and go, and you must be able to restructure the ever-growing office environment to meet your changing needs. To simplify this process, your structured cabling system should be properly labeled and documented. Knowing how devices are connected and where they’re located allows for simplified day-to-day system management.

A Variety of Low-Voltage Cabling Solutions are Available

Low-voltage cabling is about more than simply lining up a few wires – it’s also about providing a superior solution for scaling up or down in the future. The right contractor can not only install a low-voltage cabling solution, but they can also design your system on a number of available infrastructures.

Whether you prefer copper, fiber optic or coaxial cabling, you want your structured cabling system installer to be flexible and knowledgeable enough to meet your needs. Once installed, the contractor should also test your cabling system to ensure complete system integration and functionality.

Choose State Systems for Structured Cabling System Installation

At State Systems, we strive to meet your every need. Feel free to ask our cabling experts any questions you have and share your concerns upfront. We’re honest and open about our ability to meet your needs. In the end, our top priority is to ensure your satisfaction in regards to pricing, quality and timely installation. To learn more, or to schedule structured cabling system installation throughout the Mid-South, please contact State Systems, Inc.

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