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Fire Prevention in Computer and Server Rooms

Last Updated: October 8, 2013

Aside from loss of life from fire, there is nothing more devastating than mass property destruction and loss of information. When you operate a computer or server room, the data and information on those servers may be invaluable and irreplaceable in the event of a fire emergency. Your business most likely also relies on limited interruption to the data processing and use of the systems, so if a fire were to break out, loss of time for repair and clean up could also be devastating to your business.

Properly and professionally protecting your company or organization from fire can make or break its future, no matter what type of facility you run, including:

  • Computer rooms
  • Information and data processing rooms
  • Network operations centers
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Etc.

The typically high use of powered equipment in these rooms can increase the risk of a fire breaking out. While electrical failure is the main culprit in data centers and IT rooms, there are many other hazards and risks that come with operating a computer facility.

Maintaining Your Computer Room to Prevent a Fire

There are some things that you can do to prevent a fire from breaking out—in some cases, fire prevention is more powerful than any fire protection system. If you put in place practices that all but eliminate any unintentional fire emergency, you may never have to use your fire suppression system or evacuation plans.

It is recommended that you follow the most recent version of the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 75: Standard for Fire Protection of Information Technology Equipment. In addition, you can follow these tips for preventing fire within your property:

  • Keep your computer room free of storage—storing combustible materials in your computer room can increase the chance and spread of a fire. Keep minimal supplies in the area and store boxes, packaging, and manuals elsewhere.
  • Inspect power cords—frayed or damaged power cords increase the risk of fire, as a spark could easily ignite the room. Check for damage and have repairs done immediately.
  • Maintain and clean computer systems—allowing dust and debris to settle on your equipment only adds to flammable materials. Think of dust as kindling.
  • Train employees and display fire emergency plans—ensuring your employees know how to respond to a fire (whether that means proper use of a fire extinguisher or immediately evacuating to safety) can save lives and help prevent further damage.
  • Schedule regular inspection of your fire protection systems—your life safety and fire protection systems are only effective if they are in working order. Schedule regular inspections with a local, professional fire protection company, like State Systems They can ensure that your equipment is not only in working order but that it meets all local and state fire codes.

Fire Suppression Systems for Computer Rooms

Immediate detection and suppression of a fire within a computer room is critical to minimizing injury, damage, and downtime. And, in many commercial and residential cases, water is the go to method of diffusing fires. But when you’re operating a computer or server facility, water can potentially do as much damage to your equipment and assets as a fire itself.

Fire suppression systems are designed specifically for protecting sensitive electronic equipment from a fire. With fast-acting suppression technology, these systems minimize the damage, clean-up, and downtime. They are ideal for protecting things, such as:

  • Financial records
  • Data storage
  • Computer equipment
  • Data processing equipment
  • Health care records
  • And more

Some fire suppression systems activate in as little as 10 seconds to suppress a detected emergency. This not only minimizes damage to equipment—using clean agent chemicals rather than technologically destructive water—but also contains the fire to its ignition site.

Fire Protection Services in the Mid-South

Having a full-service fire protection system that is in proper working order at all times is important for any commercial company or organization. If you are located in the Mid-South and have a computer or server room, State Systems can provide fire protection services, including:

  • Replacement, design, and installation
  • Annual inspections
  • Testing and web-based reporting
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • And more

At State Systems, we offer the widest range of fire suppression products in the mid-South market to help keep you in business. To ensure that your computer or server room located in the Mid-South is professionally protected from a fire emergency, contact us today for an estimate!


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