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What Goes into the Design of a Sound System?

Last Updated: July 14, 2017

Commercial sound systems vary greatly in size and scope. From allowing music playback in the waiting room to facilitating two-way communication between offices to making building-wide emergency announcements, you probably have a long list of capabilities in mind for your commercial sound system.

But just what goes into designing such an elaborate setup? Consider several important design features when selecting the devices and functions you want to include in your sound system.

Does the background music pause while someone is paging?

In a well-designed sound system, any ambient music coming from the speakers should stop as soon as someone activates the paging feature. This prevents the noises from overlapping and helps ensure the message reaches the intended recipient.

Can telephone speakers and paging speakers be accessed simultaneously?

With separate speakers and wiring installed for both purposes, employees working their office can have a caller on speaker phone and receive a page at the same time. This ensures smooth, uninterrupted communication under a variety of circumstances.

Can speakers be set up in different zones?

You may want your intercom and paging system to work with individual zones throughout your building. For instance, you might need to page warehouse personnel multiple times a day, but you don’t want to interrupt the front office area unnecessarily. When your sound system has precisely defined paging zones, it’s easier to facilitate your communication needs for a more efficient workspace.

Can paging be accomplished over the network?

If your building already has an Ethernet network, you can integrate your sound system to facilitate remote paging capabilities, known as paging over IP. With small IP paging amplifiers placed wherever you have a network drop, you can ensure facility-wide coverage without running long speaker wire connections from a central amp. It’s a unique solution that could work perfectly for your needs.

Does the telephone system have page queues for each user?

When your telephone system has this feature, pages are kept short and don’t have to be repeated.

Does the paging system support “talk back?”

When someone receives a page, a traditional system would require the person to either report to the specified location or call back for clarification. However, a paging system that supports “talk back” allows the person being paged to respond hands-free. This improves the efficiency of your paging system and prevents employee frustration and misunderstandings.

Does the paging system support telephone night ringing?

How do you currently handle incoming calls during non-business hours? Loud, old-fashioned night bells throughout your facility are an unnecessary expense if your paging system supports telephone night ringing.

With this solution, an electronic ringing tone sounds from the paging speakers when someone calls your office phone after hours. This way, you know when you’re receiving a call no matter where you are in the building, even if the receptionist’s desk is vacant.

Does the paging system support connections to the fire alarm or other emergency systems?

Speed, reliability, and keeping calm are all critical factors for evacuating a building safely in an emergency. When your fire alarm and paging system are linked, the first alarm to sound is a discrete beeping or vibrating of all paging receivers. The intent is to inform staff and security of a possible fire without alarming customers. This allows personnel to confirm the emergency quickly and calmly before initiating an evacuation.

Another option is to install a fire alarm voice communications system to provide verbal evacuation instructions rather than a blaring alarm. With this setup, you can use the fire alarm speakers for paging purposes on a daily basis, simplifying your sound system and reducing the amount of hardware you need to install.

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If you think of something else you need, or your requirements change in the future, let us know! We also provide ongoing maintenance and repairs to prevent malfunctions from interrupting your daily operations. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your sound system for many years to come.

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