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Office Fire Extinguisher Checklist

Last Updated: May 12, 2016

If you run an office, you have a lot of responsibilities to keep your business profitable. Don’t let the importance of a solid bottom line let you ignore important safety measures, including inspecting your office fire extinguishers regularly.

After all, while the most important purpose of maintaining your fire extinguishers is to prevent loss of life, having access to functional extinguishers when you need them also reduces building damage and property loss. Follow this fire extinguisher inspection checklist to make sure these firefighting devices are ready to go if you ever need them.

How Often to Perform Fire Extinguisher Inspections

The most basic inspections for ordinary fire extinguishers should take place once a month. You can conduct these inspections yourself. Then, once a year, you should bring in a fire protection professional to perform a more thorough inspection. Every six years, rechargeable fire extinguishers need more in-depth testing to ensure they’re still functional.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist

As you inspect the fire extinguishers stored inside your office once a month, check each of these items off your list:

  • The fire extinguisher is mounted in an easily accessible place. No furniture, boxes, merchandise or other debris are piled in front of it.
  • All employees can tell you where the nearest fire extinguisher is to their office or cubicle.
  • The label is easy to read and identifies the type of fire extinguisher you’re looking at. The instructions can also be read clearly.
  • The safety pin is in place and appears functional. If the pin is missing, order a replacement fire extinguisher. Don’t attempt to replace the pin with something else.
  • The handle looks completely intact and the tamper seal is unbroken.
  • The pressure gauge is readable and the arrow inside is pointing to the green, indicating a full charge.
  • The discharge hose and nozzle is in good condition, not clogged, cracked or broken.
  • The canister is free of rust and corrosion.
  • You have turned the fire extinguisher upside down and shaken it at least three times.

At the end of your inspection, initial and date the back of the tag to record the results of your monthly inspection. If you find any defective fire extinguishers in your office, notify your safety department so you can have them replaced as soon as possible.

Once you notice the date on the tag indicating the last professional fire extinguisher inspection was over 12 months ago, schedule a visit from a fire protection company. Professional inspections are more in-depth, provide peace of mind and may be important for insurance purposes.

Schedule Fire Extinguisher Training

The last item you should check off your list is annual fire extinguisher training for your employees. After all, a functioning fire extinguisher is only as effective as the person using it.

Plan to schedule fire training for both new and existing employees once a year. It’s important for everyone in your office to feel comfortable operating a fire extinguisher in case an unexpected blaze breaks out. That’s why a refresher course once a year for all your employees is so beneficial.

Hands-on training is the best type out there. After all, hearing about how to use a fire extinguisher and actually feeling the weight of one in your hands is completely different. Becoming comfortable with putting out a virtual fire during training makes a world of difference when it comes to feeling confident about dousing a real blaze.

Fire Extinguisher Installation, Inspection & Training in the Mid-South

If you require fire extinguisher inspections or training for your employees, please contact State Systems, Inc. Our professional inspections will leave you feeling confident in your fire extinguishers, while virtual hands-on training increases your confidence in your employees. We’re proud to provide fire extinguisher services to businesses and offices across the Mid-South, including Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

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