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Importance of Access Control Systems for Hotels

Posted on: February 24, 2016

When guests stay at a hotel, they expect their rooms to remain private with access granted only to themselves and the cleaning staff as needed. They also expect to have access to the on-site gym, pool and other public amenities. At the same time, hotel workers expect only paying guests with reservations to access rooms and hotel amenities.

An access control system is the way to meet everyone’s expectations. This solution keeps some areas off limits to certain guests and staff while granting access to others. This delicate balance is only possible with a professionally designed and installed access control system.

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Guest vs. Staff Areas

Imagine a hotel with standard locks and keys. Cleaning crews and other hotel staff would have to carry key rings the size of dinner plates, and hotel room door locks would have to be changed with each new guest.

Access cards are a much simpler solution. Cleaning crews are equipped with access cards that grant them entry to every suite as well as laundry rooms and janitorial or storage closets. Kitchen staff members have key cards that let them in and out of the kitchen and dining areas. All the while, guests have a card that opens no other doors but their own room and public areas that are off-limits to non-guests, such as the pool and gym. These can all also be controlled and deactivated remotely.

Guest Privacy

Hotel patrons understand that cleaning crews have keys to their room for housekeeping and security reasons. However, the knowledge that no other guest can access their room is a vital part of privacy when staying at a hotel. Even guests who stayed previously can no longer access the room because their access cards are deactivated once they check out.

It’s the balance between security and privacy that makes a modern hotel a comfortable place for guests to stay—and it’s all possible with an access control system.

Safety and Security for Guests and Staff Alike

Many hotels have sensitive areas that require restricted access—behind reception counters, in offices where financial information is stored, and even rooms with safes holding cash to be deposited at the bank are just a few examples.

An access control system determines who has the authority to enter each room in your hotel. Even entire floors can be designated as restricted access areas, with elevators programmed to only carry people there if they swipe the right key card. You can implement this level of security to keep guests out of restricted staff-only areas, or you can use it for added guest safety. With this option, only hotel guests can access elevators that take them up to the rooms, keeping suspicious characters at bay.

Operational Efficiency

In addition to controlling who goes where, an access control system also keeps track of when certain doors are opened in your hotel. This can be used to inform you of a number of things including when kitchen staff arrived for work and how quickly cleaning crews finished their tasks. It can even assist you in the unlikely event you have a breach of security or evacuation emergency.

In the end, access control systems are high-tech, minimalistic and discreet. They simplify your business processes and allow guests to enjoy their stay in privacy. They also increase safety and security for your staff and business assets. No hotel should be without an access control system in this modern age.

For more information about having an access control system professionally designed and installed, please contact State Systems, Inc. We serve hotel owners and other businesses across the Mid-South, including Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

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