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Do I Need a Professional to Pressure Wash My Restaurant?

Last Updated: December 1, 2015

Is it important to you to maintain a clean commercial restaurant? Your customers—as well as any health inspectors who come through—expect to see clean floors, walls, sidewalks and vent hoods. The best way to accomplish cleanliness in all these areas simultaneously is with pressure washing.

After realizing this, you may assume the best option is to rent a pressure washer to thoroughly clean your restaurant. However, choosing a professional for the job is a much better option. From the experts at State Systems, here are six reasons why.

1. DIY pressure washing doesn’t save you much money.

The upfront cost to rent a pressure washer may be lower than hiring a professional, but remember, you need to spend time learning how to properly use it. Then it’s up to you to clean the pressure washer and return it. This takes valuable time out of your day and money from your pocket, all for a less-than-professional end product. Focus on what you do best: running a tight operation and producing great food.

2. Professionals have years of experience.

Pressure washers are not necessarily intuitive to use. If you have never handled one before, you could end up hurting yourself or someone else, or doing irreparable damage to the area or equipment you’re hoping to clean. It’s best to leave this job to professionals trained to use a pressure washer and put your expertise to good use running your restaurant.

3. Commercial pressure washers use higher pressure than rented machines.

When it comes to clearing away cobwebs, dirt and cigarette butts, water at just about any pressure is suitable. However, if you need to wash away grime, grease, paint or other stuck-on materials, you’ll appreciate the higher pressure of a commercial-grade pressure washer.

4. Commercial pressure washers come with a heating element; rented machines do not.

Sure, high-pressure water at any temperature can do a good amount of cleaning, but for especially stubborn spots, hot water really does the trick. The ability to heat water isn’t an option if you rent a pressure washer. This feature is only available from a professional pressure washing company.

5. Professionals have access to commercial-grade cleaning agents; regular consumers do not.

Chemical products boost the cleaning abilities of pressure washers, but these are only readily available to professional companies. Even if you get your hands on commercial-grade cleaners, using them improperly could result in runoff getting into the city’s water supply. This could put you in violation of the federal Clean Water Act, which is the last type of publicity you want for your restaurant.

6. Professionals can dispose of grease for you.

Why not get two jobs done for the price of one? When you hire a professional pressure washing company, you can ask the technicians to dispose of grease from your rooftop collection system.

Improper disposal could create a serious environmental hazard, since rainwater will eventually drain grease collected on the roof into gutters and storm drains. Grease can even flow over the side of your building and create unsightly stains on the exterior walls. It’s best to have your grease collection system emptied often enough that grease doesn’t start accumulating on your roof.

Pressure Washing Services in Tennessee, Arkansas & Mississippi

Be sure to rely on State Systems to enjoy all the benefits of hiring a professional to pressure wash your restaurant. We serve customers across the Mid-South, including Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi, providing high-quality pressure washing techniques for commercial kitchens and restaurants. We clean vent hoods, building roofs and exteriors, walls and floors, concrete, and other areas.

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