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Keeping the Exterior of Your Business Clean & Welcoming

Last Updated: November 25, 2015

As a business owner, you know looks can say a lot. It’s the reason you probably wear a suit every day. It’s also why you probably spend a good portion of your budget on marketing your business to look professional to potential customers.

Aside from making sure your shirt is tucked in and your logo looks perfect, don’t forget to focus on the physical appearance of your building. After all, when new customers come to your brick-and-mortar location, the building exterior is the first impression you make as they approach the entrance. Do your building’s façade, parking lot and overall grounds paint a picture of professionalism and high quality? If not, you could benefit from professional pressure washing services.

Since buyers make 90% of their purchasing decisions subconsciously, it’s vital that you start impacting your consumers’ subconscious before they even walk through the door. This means helping to ensure they react positively as they make the short walk from their car to your reception desk.

For example, as customers approach the entrance, seeing a littered sidewalk, graffitied wall or grimy dumpster storage area could rub them the wrong way, even if they’re not consciously aware of it. Sure, a bit of litter on the walkway and grime around the dumpsters may have nothing to do with the quality of products or services you offer, but if your building’s exterior appears dirty or uncared for, it could lead a customer to draw a parallel between the two.

Clean Your Building’s Entrance

The appearance of your storefront is just as important as the design of your business cards. Either of these things could be the first interaction a new customer has with your business. The old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is shoved aside as prospective customers scrutinize your business cards and make judgments based on your building’s façade as they drive by.

Professional pressure washing revitalizes the walls of your building’s exterior, giving it a fresh look without the need to spend a lot on renovations. The clean entrance sets the stage for a positive interaction with new and returning customers alike.

Clean the Grounds and Parking Lot

The sidewalks and parking area also reflect on your business. What do they say? If these areas aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, it’s easy for them to accumulate litter, cobwebs and dirt. Sweeping and even a quick hose down can only do so much, especially when it comes to stuck-on grease and rust.

Sidewalks and parking lots are among the things customers don’t notice unless there’s something wrong with them. Make sure the concrete and asphalt around your building don’t detract from your overall business appearance. Make them look new again with professional pressure washing.

Clean the Dumpster Pad

The dumpster may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about pressure washing your building, especially if it’s sitting somewhere out of sight. However, since this is the place where trash accumulates, the dumpster can quickly become a blemish on your property and a source of unpleasant odors, even if you empty it every day.

Clean the dumpster storage area thoroughly every once in a while to clear away stains, grime and the smells they produce. The resulting and surprising cleanliness will reflect very well on your business.

Pressure Washing Services in Tennessee, Arkansas & Mississippi

State Systems is proud to offer professional pressure washing services for commercial buildings. We serve customers across the Mid-South, including Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. We clean a wide variety of surfaces, both inside and outside your building. Walls and floors, concrete, drive-thrus, sidewalks, parking lots, and dumpster pads are just a few examples. To learn more, or to schedule pressure washing services for your business, please contact State Systems today.

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