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Tips on Maintaining Your VoIP Business Phone System

Last Updated: July 31, 2014

As a business owner, there are many facets that you oversee—from day-to-day operations and new hires to company equipment and the budget. One aspect of your company that you may be overlooking is your commercial phone system. Maintaining your phone system is crucial and can help protect your company’s security while also preventing expensive repairs or extended downtime of your phones in the future.

At State Systems Inc., we thrive on providing Mid-South businesses with technological solutions that will help their companies succeed and grow. Below, we’ve outlined some tips for maintaining your phone system so that you can go back to running your company.

Have a Security Protocol in Place

If your company manages private information that needs a higher level of security, you will need to implement company security procedures. Depending on the needs of your company, you may need features such as password-protected voicemail and data encrypted phone lines.

Security protocol measures help ensure that your business is not interrupted by a compromised phone system. They also protect your business and your customers against unauthorized access to secure information or communication—whether that entails eavesdropping or illicit recordings. This is also crucial for organizations such as law firms, federal offices and healthcare facilities, which have more stringent compliance requirements.

These security procedures can all be covered and outlined in your training and use protocols. It’s also important to review these with your employees regularly—not just new hires.

Schedule Routine Maintenance Meetings with a Phone System Provider

To maintain your VoIP phone system year over year, you should schedule routine maintenance. This is also your opportunity to discuss security concerns and employee experience with your phone system provider. You will be able to bring up any operational issues with your phone system, including:

  • Adding new lines
  • Upgrading the system
  • Replacing defective parts
  • Programming for out of office hours or daylight saving time
  • Training on new features or upgrades
  • Troubleshooting dropped calls or poor network connection

Keep Your Phone System in Mind with Network Changes

Because VoIP phone systems must be available at all times to ensure your business continues to run smoothly, keep your phone system in mind with any network changes. Your phone system runs out of your data center, so network changes could cause unplanned downtime. If you know your data center or network needs an upgrade or repair, inform your employees that the phone system may be unavailable or schedule it during a period of time where few customers will be calling in or expecting calls.

Back Up Your System Before Any Upgrade or Repair

While working with a professional phone system company should prevent any main issues from occurring during an upgrade or repair service, it’s best to back up your system before then. Communication outages may occur during upgrades or repair, so before any scheduled maintenance meetings or regularly scheduled upgrades, have a backup version on hand to ensure that your system configuration can get right back to helping your business grow.

Replace Handsets & Cords as Needed

While it might be a more expensive cost upfront, have spare handsets and cords ready so that your business can continue operating uninterrupted if a part were to break down. Don’t find yourself out of luck 20 minutes before an annual report presentation with a major client when your speaker phone feature no longer works. As a best practice, purchase spare parts for critical pieces of hardware so that easier replacements can be made without scheduling a major repair service or overhaul.

Phone Systems Services in TN, MS & AR

If your Mid-South company needs installation, repair or maintenance of a commercial phone system, call State Systems Inc. today! Our technicians will be able to design the perfect system to match your company’s needs or repair any problem to get your office back to optimal communication. Contact us online for a quote.

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