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Review of Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call Systems

Last Updated: June 24, 2016

Hospitals, assisted living facilities and extended care clinics have the unique challenge of managing high patient loads, following critical employee timeframes and complying with strict healthcare regulations. These challenges call for a reliable, efficient nurse call system that satisfies the needs of your staff and patients.

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That’s where the Rauland Responder 5 nurse call system comes in. Rauland is a high-end manufacturer of education and healthcare products and accessories. Multiple nurse call systems are available from Rauland, including Responder 5, the nation’s leading nurse call system. This is the solution that’s right for you if your goal is to adopt an efficient, customizable communication method at your healthcare facility. Rauland is a division of AMETEK, Inc.

What Is the Rauland Responder 5 System?

Responder 5 is a comprehensive communication system that’s both easy to use and customizable. The system seamlessly integrates your existing communication devices, including cell phones, pagers, enterprise-wide reporting systems, electronic staff assignments and real-time locating systems.

These devices come together with traditional “nurse call” equipment to meet the challenges you face every day at your hospital or other healthcare facility.

Overview of the Responder 5 Nurse Call System

If you’re looking for a high performance nurse call system, Responder 5 could be the right solution for you. Here’s an overview to give you a better idea of what to expect from this nurse call system.

  • Improving communication: Your facility’s productivity, patient satisfaction and staff morale all rely on getting the right message to the correct person in a timely manner. Responder 5 transmits incoming patient calls directly to their nurse’s pager or cell phone in real time, regardless of whether your staff is centralized, decentralized or a combination of both. This results in faster response times and better care for your patients.
  • Replacing overhead paging: Responder 5 keeps doctors and nurses in direct contact with their patients and internal units at all times. This direct communication replaces overhead paging, which helps to maintain a quiet, stress-free place of healing.
  • Satisfying staff and patients: Responder 5 uses hourly Rounding to help staff meet patient needs before a lapse occurs. With just a touch of a button, automatic Rounding reminders can be activated on the Staff Terminal. Regular Rounding schedules have been shown to reduce an average of 20 call lights per shift, returning an average of 80 minutes to nurses and assistants each shift. The results of Rounding include a more productive staff, happier patients and a better overall atmosphere at your healthcare facility.
  • Retaining an easy-to-use system: Intuitive use means staff training is fast and easy. Once your nurses and doctors try Responder 5, they’ll quickly realize how simple it is to use. In seconds, a nurse can forward or cancel a call, sign on and off duty, or contact other hospital staff with intuitive controls that save time and effort so nurses can spend more time delivering quality care to their patients.
  • Integrating your existing systems: With full cell phone, pager and EMR database integration, Responder 5 can accomplish a whole lot with the touch of a button. The system can communicate with multiple parties at once, conveying the need for surgery room cleanup to the environmental service team, the need for supply restocking to the central supply staff, and the fact that a patient fresh out of surgery is being transported. Responder 5 can even locate nurses in real time to deliver the necessary information in one quick, efficient step.
  • Utilizing a quality, customizable system: Responder 5 was designed by one of today’s top healthcare solutions manufacturers. Such a focused niche has allowed Rauland to become an industry leader. As such, the company has ensured that this quality product fits each healthcare facility’s needs, thanks to its fully customizable nature. This allows you to use Responder 5 to your greatest advantage based on your existing call processes.

Install Responder 5 at Your Mid-South Healthcare Facility

As an exclusive brand distributor, State Systems is your best resource for purchasing and installing Responder 5. Our technicians have experience designing and installing nurse call systems in hospitals, assisted living facilities and extended care clinics in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. Then, once Responder 5 has been designed and installed at your facility, you can count on the experienced technicians from State Systems to maintain, test and repair your nurse call system as needed in the coming years.

With this review of the Rauland Responder 5 nurse call system, it’s clear this could be the way to streamline communication within your healthcare facility. To learn more, please contact State Systems, Inc. Our job is to help facilitate the ideal communication situation between doctors, nurses and other staff to meet your patients’ needs.


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