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Replacing Your Halon Fire Suppression System

Last Updated: October 31, 2013

Does your office building currently use a Halon fire suppression system to protect its most valuable resources? These systems were originally installed in office spaces where water damage from traditional fire protection systems (like sprinklers) would do more damage when extinguishing a fire.

Do I Need to Replace My Halon System?

However, no new Halon has been produced since 1994 since it was determined to greatly deplete the ozone and property managers are strongly encouraged to replace their old Halon systems with more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Why You Should Replace Your Halon Fire Suppression System

While Halon fire suppression systems used to be commonly installed as a fire protection system that protects valuable electronics, machinery, and files, the agent used, Halon (or Halon 1301) has been identified as a potent ozone depleter.

The manufacturing of Halon was banned with the Clean Air Act of 1994 and while there is no legal requirement to remove systems that use this agent, commercial property managers, like you, are strongly encouraged to replace their systems with a more environmentally-friendly option.

What Is Halon Decommissioning?

Halon decommissioning is the process of removing Halon systems supported by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Fire Suppression System Association.

Here’s what you need to know if your business or property still has a Halon system:

  • You do not legally need to remove or replace your Halon fire suppression system, and there is no set date where this would be required.
  • You can recharge your Halon system if it does discharge and recycled Halon is available from a professional fire protection company.
  • No new Halon 1301 is being manufactured.
  • Think about planning to replace your Halon system with clean agent alternative systems.

Alternative Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

In protecting your business’ assets, you are looking to prevent more damage or destruction than that caused by the fire, so clean agent fire suppression systems are crucial. If you’re looking to install a new fire suppression system or replace an old fire suppression system, there are many environmentally-friendly options outside the outlawed Halon systems:

  • Kidde FM-200 systems – these are one of the most well-known and respected clean agent systems in the world. Space saving and fast acting to prevent combustible, electrical, or flammable liquid fires, they can extinguish fires in a matter of 10 seconds—preventing great injury or property damage.
  • Kidde and Ansul Carbon Dioxide (CO2) systems – using gas to extinguish fires, CO2 systems are ideal for preventing fires in rooms where water or foam would do more harm—including data rooms, electronic and manufacturing equipment, file rooms, etc.
  • Ansul Sapphire systems – these systems are an industry leader for Halon replacement. This clean agent has 0.0 ozone depletion potential and an atmospheric life of just five days. The agent, Novec 1230, is not only the most environmentally-friendly agent, it is also the most people friendly of the synthetic agents.
  • Ansul Inergen systems – just like other alternative clean agent systems, this system is quick to respond to a fire emergency and is ideal for certain fire protection applications where people might be present and may have difficulty getting out of the protected space prior to agent discharge.

Fire Suppression System Services in the Mid-South

If you are looking to replace your Halon fire suppression system in the Mid-South, contact State Systems today. We service Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas to help install the best clean agent fire suppression system for your company or organization.

Our certified fire protection technicians can determine which system is best for your needs and properly install, repair, test, and maintain Kidde and Ansul fire protection systems.

By replacing your Halon fire suppression system, you can ensure your business’ assets – lives and property – are protected around the clock. Call us today to schedule an estimate!

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