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Reporting and Scheduling Technologies for Property Managers

Last Updated: April 13, 2022

As a property manager, we know that you have many responsibilities, including facilitating regular maintenance for the fire and life safety systems in the buildings you oversee.  We use a combination of technologies to help make this easier for you to manage, so that you can ensure that these crucial systems provide uninterrupted protection for the facilities and tenants under your care.


All our recurring inspections and service work are scheduled and dispatched through ServiceTrade, the industry leader in field service technology.  This allows us to keep track of each time your building’s inspections and preventative maintenance services are due.  We also use ServiceTrade to track fire protection equipment assets as well as deficiencies when our inspectors find them.  This gives you a full picture of what is going on at your building and allows us to fix your equipment right away.

During the inspection, your technician uses their device to capture photos, write comments, and record the items they use on the job.  All this information is sent to you electronically, as a work acknowledgement.  You also receive a service link to a web page that stores all the unique information from that job.

Additionally, our ServiceTrade Service Portal gives you access to all the job and asset information that is recorded at each of your buildings.  The portal organizes your service links and data to give you a complete service and inspection history by building location.  This is perfect for property managers who manage multiple buildings.

Building Reports

Building Reports uses unique bar codes for each of your fire protection devices.  As your technicians work through their inspection, they scan these codes to ensure that they don’t miss a device and to give you the ability to track their progress in real time.  This is especially helpful for large buildings that take days to inspect.  Upon completion, Building Reports generates reports based on all the data recorded during the inspection.  These reports are code-compliant (local codes, NFPA, Joint Commission, etc.) and are available 24/7 through your Building Reports portal.


Each of our customers has access to invoices and statements through our Lockstep system.  This online account allows property managers to:

  • View to your account detail, including open and closed invoices.
  • Download copies of documents.
  • Make payments or submit a Promise to Pay.
  • Submit disputes relating to transactions.
  • View payment history.
  • Send/Receive Messages to communicate with our team.
  • Submit inquiries on your Account.

To learn more about any of these systems or to schedule service or an inspection, contact us online or call us at 901.531.6550.

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