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The Return on Investment of Digital Signage Solutions

Posted on: May 10, 2013

In a tough, challenging, and unpredictable economic climate, businesses throughout Memphis, TN, Arkansas, and Mississippi must engage with existing customers and find ways to attract new customers. This is exactly why businesses in the area should embrace digital signage solutions. Digital signage, active signage, electronic digital signage, or dynamic signs—no matter which term you use—electronic distributed messaging is changing the way you advertise to, communicate with, and influence your audience.

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Benefits of Digital Signage Solution

In today’s tech-savvy society, many businesses are realizing that static POP signage just doesn’t have the impact it used. With 75 percent of buying decisions made at the point of purchase, there’s nowhere better to look for improving the effectiveness of your marketing communications. Sophisticated, advanced digital signage offers unparalleled opportunities to capture your audiences’ attention, educate and inform your customers, build brands, and drive both sales and profitability. It is also a viable and affordable alternative to traditional printed signage.

Businesses should really factor in digital signage solutions’ return on investment (ROI). The essence of ROI is about what company gets back (return) based on what it puts out (investment). Numerous studies reveal that digital signage offers a better ROI than traditional signage. Also, it is far easier to alter and customize digital signage displays than it is to change traditional signage.

Digital Signage Solutions Perfect for a Variety of Venues

Digital signage solutions are excellent for a wide variety venues in TN, AR, MS, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Amusement parks
  • Sports and entertainment venues
  • Offices
  • Grocery and convenience stores
  • And more!

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