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What to Expect When Installation a New Telephone System for Your Business

Posted on: August 20, 2016

Is your outdated business phone system starting to slow you down? Does it lack the features your employees and customers need to communicate effectively? Are you ready to take advantage of what low-cost, high-quality VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones have to offer? If so, you should look into installing a new telephone system.

Here’s what to expect as you begin the process of upgrading the phones in your Mid-South business.

Choose the Right Phones

Benefits of VoIP Business Phones

Most multi-line business phones today are VoIP, which means they use the existing Local Area Network (LAN) your business already needs for internet access to make and receive phone calls. Alternately, if your organization expects to make or receive a high volume of calls, an additional IP network can be set up alongside your existing LAN to ensure improved phone performance and reliability.

You also need to choose between on-premises and hosted VoIP:

  • On-premises VoIP could be right for you if your company already has a strong IT team, fast business growth is in the forecast, and you want the lowest monthly costs possible after paying more upfront.
  • Hosted VoIP could also be right for you. Aside from the phones themselves, no physical hardware is located at your premises if you choose this solution. Instead, you pay a VoIP provider a predictable monthly fee in exchange for hardware maintenance and keeping the service up and running.

Regardless of which type of VoIP solution you choose, it’s a much more efficient, streamlined and cost-effective option compared to landlines or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phones.

Choosing Specific VoIP Phones

The best way to narrow down the broad selection of VoIP business phones available today is to pinpoint which features are critical and which would simply be nice to have. Compiling a Needs/Wants list makes it easier to keep your new telephone system within budget. Plus, with a VoIP provider, it’s easy to tack on extra features later on if you decide you need them.

Be aware that most business phones come with the following standard features:

  • Auto attendant (also called digital receptionist or virtual receptionist) to ensure no calls are missed, day or night.
  • Automated directory to route calls to different extensions automatically.
  • Call forwarding to make it possible to receive business phone calls on your cell phone while out of the office.
  • Hold to keep the customer on the line without them being able to listen.
  • Music on hold to keep the caller interested until the operator picks up the phone.
  • Conference calling for participation from multiple business lines in a single conversation.
  • Speed dial and redial to make placing phone calls faster and more efficient.
  • Do not disturb, which sends incoming calls directly to voicemail.
  • Voicemail to email transcription for easy voicemail access while out of the office.

Plan for the Future

Perhaps one major reason you’re installing a new telephone system is because your business is growing and changing. To prevent a repeat overhaul just a few years from now, consider system scalability as you select a new phone system today. Make sure it’s easy to add more lines or extra features as your needs change or expand. Planning ahead like this makes future upgrades relatively painless.

Choose an Efficient Installer

Choosing the right provider is incredibly important to ensure satisfaction with your new telephone system. You want a fast-working company that can install your phones quickly to reduce downtime for your business during the transition period.

Expect an experienced company to visit your business in person to complete a needs assessment, make phone brand recommendations, and provide an installation quote and timeframe estimate. During this process, make sure the provider is capable of installing the new phone system from start to finish without a hitch. The ability to retrofit the existing system and add data cabling if necessary ensures you won’t have to hire two separate companies. This keeps the installation simple and more affordable.

Train Your Employees

As useful as your new phones will be over the long term, training may be required to ensure your employees know how to use the system. Training is often available from your business phone vender, a characteristic that proves the vendor has your best interest at heart.

In addition to initial training, find out what support is available from your vendor. This includes software and hardware updates and technical support for when things go wrong. Look for a support agreement that incorporates software updates into your monthly subscription fee and 24/7 tech support that covers weekends and holidays.

Choose State Systems Inc. for Reliable Telephone System Installation

Whether you choose on-premises or hosted VoIP for your Mid-South business, leave the task of installing your new telephone system to State Systems Inc. Contact us today for a free quote!


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