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Where to Install a Wireless Access Point in Commercial Buildings

Last Updated: February 14, 2014

If you manage a building or are starting a business in the Mid-South, you may wonder where the best place to install your wireless access point is. First, you should understand the importance of proper wireless access point installation within a commercial building.  A wireless access point, sometimes referred to as an AP, is a device that allows other wireless devices, such as laptops, cell phones and wireless printers—to connect to the wired network through Wi-Fi.

In a home, a simple router can be hooked up to the cable and internet box, but in commercial buildings and office spaces, the wireless access point must be strategically installed to ensure seamless coverage throughout the entire space. Maintaining coverage is crucial to many businesses and industries as a continual wireless signal can make or break business deals, client relations, and critical work processes.

Factors to Consider When Installing a Wireless Access Point

Many factors within your office space will impact the placement and installation of your wireless AP. A technician can conduct a wireless site survey to ensure that all of these are considered when selecting the placement of your access point.

Building Floor Plan & Coverage Area

Your building’s floor plan is the first step when analyzing the placement of your wireless access point. How much square footage is there? Does it need to span multiple floors? Multiple access points may be required to ensure each can provide a strong and steady signal. Each access point has what is called a cell, or radius of coverage, and a survey of your building while planning the installation of APs can ensure that your entire space has seamless coverage and connectivity.

Number of Employees & Devices

Even if your company is located in one central location that is within the reach of one wireless access point, the device may not be able to support numerous people’s work volume. High traffic use of the internet can slow down the speed and efficiency for everyone. Sometimes it is best to install multiple access points, often limiting each to 15 – 20 users, for optimal signal strength in heavily occupied office spaces.


Walls, doors, windows, and furniture can become obstacles for the wireless signal from an access point. One of your employees may only be a few steps from the installed access point but a bookshelf filled with books and software blocking that location can prevent the signal from reaching their work-zone. Again, this is where your building layout will come in handy during the placement and installation process.


Some offices may have electronic equipment that interferes with the wireless signal. For example, healthcare facilities house many pieces of medical electrical equipment that can decrease the signal. Sometimes even microwaves will impact the wireless strength. Understanding what may cause possible interference and placing the access point away from these factors is crucial.


Once you decide on the optimal placement of your wireless access point, you’ll want to consider other factors when it comes to mounting. How many cables will need to be hooked up? Is it a place that is exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture? How will it look aesthetically within your office?

Mounting your wireless AP can present its own set of problems. Professionals, like State Systems, can provide solutions for placing and mounting your device to ensure it is functional and integrated into your property.

Wireless Site Survey

While this may seem like a lot of factors to consider while setting up your office’s wireless access point, State Systems is here to help.  The foundation for building an effective wireless communications solution is having the right information to do the job, and our technicians have the tools, equipment and experience to provide wireless site surveys and produce a network design based on the findings.

Our wireless experts will analyze all aspects of your building layout and needs to create the most effective blueprint for your wireless solution.

Mid-South Wireless Connectivity Services

At State Systems, we have been working for years to provide business solutions to ensure that your Mid-South company can run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Our team of wireless experts is seasoned in designing and installing wireless connectivity solutions—including selecting and setting up wireless access points—that are best suited to your organization’s needs.

If you need professional services for your building’s wireless network, contact State Systems today. Our team has years of experience with survey, design, installation, maintenance, and optimization of wireless networks. Call us now for services in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi!

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