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Fire Hose Services in Columbia, TN

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Sales, Inspection, and Maintenance

Fire hoses are high-pressure hoses that carry water (and sometimes other fire retardants, like foam) to a fire to help extinguish it at the source. When located outside, these hoses are easily attached to a fire hydrant or fire engine. Most commonly found in commercial buildings, indoor fire hoses are hooked up directly to the building’s standpipe or plumbing system.

State Systems offers a superior line of fire hose products and accessories to meet your varying needs. To best fit your application, choose from:

  • Miles of hoses
  • A wide variety of nozzles
  • An assortment of adapters
  • Valves

Are you looking to purchase fire hoses for your Columbia building? Call State Systems at 901-531-6550 or contact us online

Fire Hoses, Nozzles, Adapters & Valves

State Systems is a proud supplier of state-of-the-art commercial fire hoses and equipment. If you need to purchase, install, or replace your hoses, nozzles, adapters, or valves, we have your back.

Call State Systems at 901-531-6550 to discuss your commercial fire protection options with us! 

Fire Hose Inspection & Maintenance

Our Columbia technicians provide complete service, inspection, and maintenance of the fire hose products and accessories of your choice, as well as re-racking and hydro-testing of the hoses.

Selecting your Columbia building’s fire hoses is only the first step. Professional installation, repair, and inspection are just as crucial to support the protection of your property and life in the case of a fire emergency.

For more information, call State Systems at 901-531-6550 or contact us online

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