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Fire Protection Services in Columbus, Mississippi

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Protecting life and property is critical for any business and requires a fundamental trust in the systems you have in place. At State Systems, we have a long-standing tradition of providing fire protection equipment, training, and sales services near Columbus, MIssissippi.

Our fire protection company offers a wide variety of fire protection services designed to keep your building safe from damage at all times. We also offer 24/7 emergency support and repair services for fire protection systems.

For a quote or service on your fire protection equipment in the Mid-South, please call 901-531-6550 or contact us online here.

Fire Protection & Fire Extinguisher Services


fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher can be your most valuable resource when a fire breaks out. At State Systems, we can help make sure your fire extinguishers are always available, charged, and ready to keep you safe at a moment’s notice.

We take care of fire extinguishers throughout the Columbus, Mississippi area, with services ranging from fire extinguisher sales and installation to repair, recharge, and replacement. We also sell fire extinguishers from most of the top manufacturers, including ANSUL, Amerex, and Pyro-Chem.

Additionally, we provide fire extinguisher training in Columbus, Mississippi, so your employees and colleagues will know exactly what to do in the event of a fire emergency in your building.

Learn more about our Mississippi fire extinguisher services or call 901-531-6550! 


sprinkler systems

No matter how you spin it, one thing is certain: fire sprinklers save lives. At State Systems, we help your fire sprinklers do their job by providing all necessary fire sprinkler services, including inspection, testing, and repair for wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action sprinkler systems. We also inspect and test fire pumps, standpipes, and fire hydrants.

Learn more about our Mississippi fire sprinkler services or call 901-531-6550! 


Waterless fire suppression systems are designed to protect areas where the water from a fire sprinkler system can do more damage than an actual fire. State Systems is a licensed FM200 and CO2 recharging station and we employ NICET designers and technicians. We are an authorized suppression systems distributor of ANSUL, FireTrace, Kidde Fire Systems, Pyro-Chem (Tyco Safety Products), and Fenwal.

Learn more about our Mississippi fire suppression services or call State Systems at 901-531-6550. 


exit and emergency lighting

Exit and emergency lights are crucial components of any evacuation plan and will help keep you and your employees safe when danger strikes. At State Systems, we take your safety seriously and urge customers to schedule regular inspection of their devices. We have the experience and expertise to ensure your exit and emergency lights are working properly when you need them most.

Learn more about our Mississippi emergency lighting services or call 901-531-6550 today.

Fire Suppression & Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services

State Systems can install, inspect, and repair your fire suppression systems on location for your convenience. We go above and beyond the standard NFPA regulations for annual inspection and offer an additional monthly fire extinguisher inspection for our customers.

We are also a hydrostatic test facility licensed by the DOT, meaning we’re qualified to test the integrity of your fire protection systems and make recommendations if you need to replace your equipment. We perform semi-annual maintenance for both stationary and vehicle suppression systems in accordance with NFPA standards.

Learn more about our Mississippi fire protection inspection services or call 901-531-6550! 

Web-Based Inspection Reporting

At State Systems, we use standard PDAs with Building Reports software to scan devices and upload inspection results to a secure, web-based account. We then compare the data to past inspections and perform statistical analysis using that online database.

Unique barcode registration ensures comprehensive inspections by monitoring the inspector’s progress in real-time during the inspection, preventing missed items and facilitating fast action on repairs. Scanned timestamps cannot be modified, and reports are ready immediately as either a dynamic web page or a downloadable document for authorized users.

Learn more about Web-based inspection reporting or call 901-531-6550. 

Fire Protection Systems & Services in Columbus, Mississippi

Are you looking for professional fire suppression and fire extinguisher services in the Columbus or Tupelo area? We are proud of the high quality and range of our commercial fire protection services available in the county seat of Lowndes County, Mississippi. We serve the entire Golden Triangle area.

For a quote or service on your fire protection equipment in the Columbus, Mississippi area, please call 901-531-6550 or contact us online.

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