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Fire Sprinkler Systems & Services in Arlington, TN

Fire sprinklers save lives. Automatic fire sprinklers have been saving lives and protecting property for more than a century. Does your building in Arlington, Tennessee have a properly designed and installed fire sprinkler system to keep you, your employees, and your assets safe? State Systems, Inc. is an expert at designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing fire sprinkler systems for buildings in Arlington and the greater Memphis area.

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Fire Sprinkler Installation & Replacement in Arlington

The widespread use of fire sprinkler systems is a significant factor in reducing fire losses. They are widely recognized as the single most effective method for preventing the spread of fires in early stages, often before they cause severe injury to people and massive damage to property.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has no record of a fire killing more than two people in a completely sprinklered building where the system was properly operating, except in an explosion or flash fire or where industrial fire brigade members or employees were killed during fire suppression operations.

If your new construction building in Arlington needs a fire sprinkler installed, or if you are looking to replace your outdated system, contact us today! Our fire sprinkler technicians will design and install a system that meets local and state codes and regulation, and most importantly, that will protect your life and property.

Arlington Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Repair

State Systems is proud to offer inspection and service work for all types of automatic fire sprinkler systems in Arlington, TN. We can properly inspect and repair:

  • Wet pipe systems
  • Dry pipe systems
  • Deluge systems
  • Pre-action systems
  • Fire pumps
  • Stand pipes
  • Fire hydrants and more

At State Systems, our fire sprinkler inspection services are designed to comply with NFPA regulatory requirements. Some of our fire sprinkler testing services include:

  • Test full wet trip of dry pipe valves as required
  • Exercise and lube of all OS&Y valves
  • Test all flow, tamper, and pressure switches
  • Visually inspect sprinkler systems
  • Record static and residual main drain readings

In addition, we can provide full flow tests, as well as repair and maintenance of electric and diesel fire pumps. In order to be as effective as possible, fire sprinklers should be dry tested at least quarterly. During this routine fire sprinkler inspection, the most important things to check for are valve seizures, sensor malfunctions, broken seams, leakage, and other valve issues, as these areas are the ones most likely to cause big problems if they are not working optimally.

Full testing and tagging should be performed annually. During a complete fire sprinkler system test, physical checks should be performed on all the parts of your fire sprinkler system. These checks include water flow tests, fire pump tests, alarm tests, and trip tests of dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action valves.

At State Systems, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your fire sprinkler system is working properly when you need it most. For more information about our fire sprinkler system services, or for a quote, contact us »

Fire Sprinkler Services in Arlington, TN

To request a quote on a fire sprinkler system or to schedule service or regular inspection, contact the professionals at State Systems at 901-531-6550.

Learn more about full-service fire protection throughout Arlington and the Mid-South from State Systems:

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