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Safety Shield Filters

Safety, cleanliness and compliance are the most important factors when it comes to outfitting restaurants and commercial kitchens. The costs of keeping equipment up and running can be high, especially when it comes to grease buildup. Our latest product is proven to keep costs, as well as your business’s environmental footprint, small without inhibiting production.

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Safety Shield is a fiber-based disposable grease filter that captures and contains up to 98 percent of airborne grease particulates before they enter into kitchen exhaust systems. The product allows restaurants and commercial kitchens across the country to save large amounts of time, money, water and energy that would otherwise be spent keeping kitchen equipment clean and safe.

The filter offers:

  • Protection against potential fires caused by grease contaminate buildup in exhaust systems
  • The opportunity to skip nightly and weekly cleaning of baffle filters – instead, cleaning is reduced to every 30-180 days
  • Decrease in exhaust system cleaning – can be reduced to less than 25 percent of current cleaning frequency
  • Savings on repairs and maintenance for equipment that was previously contaminated by airborne grease
  • A reduced need for water and chemicals to clean equipment
  • Energy saving and efficiency
  • Roof protection – filters capture airborne grease before they make it to the roof, therefore expensive rooftop containment systems are no longer needed
  • The opportunity to reduce your business’s carbon footprint

The Safety Shield filter system enhances the full line of offerings we provide to businesses across the Mid-South, including Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. If you would like to learn more, contact us online or call 866-308-5701.

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