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Low Voltage Services in Bartlett, Tennessee

While not always the most obvious parts of your Bartlett, Tennessee business, low voltage systems run constantly in the background and keep things operating smoothly all day and all night. At State Systems, we are a proven leader in low voltage wiring, analysis, design, installation, and maintenance. Our NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) and NSCA (National Systems Contactors Association) certified technicians understand the complexities involved in engineering a wide range of low voltage electrical services.

Our technicians can provide installation, maintenance, and inspection of commercial low voltage systems, including:

  • Fire alarms
  • CCTV systems
  • Nurse call systems
  • Access control systems
  • Card reader systems

If you need low voltage wiring in Bartlett, Tennessee, call State Systems today!

Our Low Voltage Wiring Services in Bartlett, Tennessee

At State Systems, we know your low voltage systems are critical to your business operations—even if you don’t see them every day. Our low voltage services in Bartlett, Tennessee include:

Fire Alarm Systems

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run—to a fire, everyone is the same! Fire alarms are an absolute necessity in every building in the Bartlett, Tennessee area. At State Systems, we can equip your building with an NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) compliant fire detection and alarm system that will provide early notice of an emergency in your building and aid evacuation procedures before a major disaster occurs.

Different buildings need different fire alarms, so whether you need an ionization fire alarm, a thermal detection fire alarm, or a photoelectric fire alarm, we have you covered. We can install addressable or conventional fire alarm systems and can even hook you up with a fire alarm monitoring system for even more protection!

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CCTV Systems

If building security is a priority for your business, State Systems can help. We can install a closed circuit surveillance system to meet any building’s needs, whether you need just a few cameras or a complex system that connects to the Internet so you can keep an eye on your building from anywhere in the world.

Installation & Inspection of CCTV Systems in Bartlett

Our technicians can install, inspect, and repair a CCTV system that is uniquely designed for your business environment and property. Our clients have the ability to view the feed from their CCTV system over their existing network or over the Internet.

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Nurse Call Systems

For hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and health care centers throughout Bartlett, Tennessee, patient care is the primary focus. That’s why having effective nurse call systems is so important! At State Systems, we can install wireless emergency nurse call systems in your hospital, healthcare center, or assisted living facility so you’ll be able to provide even better care to your patients, day and night.

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Access Control & Card Reader Systems

Do you want to limit access to your building, or to parts of your building? Call State Systems! We can install the latest in access control system and card access system technology! At State Systems, we design access control systems with maximum security and maximum control in mind. With our access control and card reader systems, you can add, delete, and modify card permissions with just a web browser, as well as perform a variety of other manual operations such as enabling or disabling doors and activating or deactivating relay-controlled equipment.

Complete Low Voltage Electrical Services in Bartlett, Tennessee

At State Systems, we offer more than just installation for your low voltage electrical systems—we also provide full system maintenance with 24/7 emergency support and electronic service tickets to make sure you are taken care of around the clock. We also offer building owners and property managers a number of inspection and testing services for all of our low voltage communications products. Our Building Reports online inspection reporting software ensures you receive accurate and verifiable results with intelligent reporting of comprehensive data on every device inspected, as well as online access to your building inspection reports on a secure server, allowing you to rid yourself of cumbersome paper reports which are difficult to decipher and interpret. State Systems is also an FM listed alarm service company, which ensures our testing services are of the utmost reliability and quality, and we offer both FM and/or UL monitoring services for your alarm system as well.

In addition to our other areas of expertise, State Systems also offers design and consulting services for emergency planning, risk analysis, and fire protection. We provide CAD design services, design support for low voltage electrical systems, as well as classroom and on-site industry training. We even host quarterly lunch-and-learns on a variety of industry related topics, both in our facility and throughout the community.

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