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Digital Signage for Restaurants

If you own or operate a restaurant in and around Memphis, Jackson, Dyersburg, Union City and Martin, TN, or even parts of AR and MS, you may be familiar with the rising popularity of digital signage for restaurants. Digital signage is the display of multimedia content on electronically controlled displays, typically for advertising purposes. A digital sign generally consists of a computer or playback device connected to a large, bright screen such as an LCD or plasma display.

Digital signage has several advantages over traditional static signs. These include:

  • Signage can be updated instantly by remote control or even via the Internet. Paper signs require individual replacement and physical travel to sign sites by personnel.
  • Unlike the content on traditional signs, digital signage makes content more engaging and more visually appealing. Digital signage can even produce sounds and convey animated content.
  • Digital signage can be interactive through touch screen technology.
  • A number of studies reveal that digital signage offers a better ROI than traditional signs.
  • Since digital signs require no paper or paint, they are more environmentally friendly than traditional signs.

The Food Industry can Benefit from Digital Signage for Restaurants

The food service industry can reap tremendous benefits from digital signage for restaurants. The restaurant industry is highly competitive and cut-throat. Digital signage for restaurants is a means to stand out from the competition, and a way to increase customer satisfaction. In today’s digital world, customers are more pleased and impressed with multimedia communications. Restaurants, especially fine dining establishments, often live and die by word of mouth recommendations. Digital signage for restaurants is an excellent way to encourage positive word of mouth chatter.

Digital menu boards for restaurants are an excellent way to promote limited-time offers and special promotions. Studies suggest that digital menu boards for restaurants increase the average margin per transaction and the sale of higher margin items, resulting in a greater bottom line for restaurants.

As we live in the social media world, digital signage can be integrated with such networking tools as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Digital signage for restaurants has the ability to leverage social media feeds and present them to customers in an eye-catching manner. Considering there are over 100 million Facebook and Twitter users in the U.S., digital signage for restaurants, integrated with social media, is an excellent way to catch customers’ attention.

Advantages of Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

As a restaurant owner, the following benefits are offered by digital menu boards for restaurants:

  • Centralized control of board menu content
  • Lower costs to make menu changes
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased sales of promotional items
  • Increased sales of high margin items
  • Better compliance with menu labeling laws
  • Higher check averages
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Higher margin per transaction

We offer digital signage for restaurants located in:

  • Memphis, Jackson, Dyersburg, Union City and Martin, Tennessee
  • Jonesboro and Crittenden County, Arkansas
  • Oxford, Tupelo, Batesville and Desoto County, Mississippi

To learn more about the benefits of installing digital signage for restaurants, or for a quote, contact us or call 866-308-5701.

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