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Schedule a Wireless Site Survey in Your Dyersburg Building

A robust wireless network design is critical to running an efficient and reliable wireless-based communications system—no matter what your industry. Weak wireless signals can be common in office spaces, often due to many partitions and devices that can produce interference. A weak wireless signal can slow or halt communication, resulting in wasted effort and decreased productivity for your Dyersburg company.

To schedule a wireless site survey in Dyersburg, TN and improve your building’s wireless signal, call State Systems today at 901-531-6550!

How Does a Wireless Site Survey Help My Company?

To get the best performance out of your network, you must find prime locations for your wireless access points and keep interference at a minimum. Conducting a wireless site survey and wireless network design on your Dyersburg property is the first step toward installing a wireless network that functions at an optimal level.

Designing Your Wireless Network

While you may be familiar with installing a router or two in your office, a wireless site survey (sometimes called an RF site survey) will really analyze the best design for your office space and needs. The process involves looking at building floor plans, inspecting the facility or property and testing the design system.

Maximizing Signal Strength & Wireless Network Scope

Using a wireless site survey application on a portable computer, our experienced Dyersburg area technicians record the locations of access points, signal strength and noise levels. The data is analyzed to produce a wireless network design plan that will maximize the signal strength and scope of your wireless network.

Schedule Your Dyersburg Area Wireless Site Survey

State Systems’s wireless site survey can be conducted either indoors or out at your Dyersburg property. Our wireless signal technicians will:

  • Measure signal strength to find the optimal location for each access point
  • Channel strength of each access point
  • Monitor power levels necessary to prevent further interference
  • And more!

To find out more about our wireless site survey and wireless network design options in Dyersburg, Tennessee, or for a quote, contact us or call 901-531-6550.

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