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What You Need to Know about CO2 Suppression Systems

Last Updated: June 20, 2013

At State Systems, we’ve witnessed a growing demand among businesses in TN, AR, and MS for carbon dioxide (CO2) fire protection systems. Carbon dioxide suppresses fire without leaving behind any residues after discharge—thus avoiding damage to sensitive equipment. With no agent clean up, there is less downtime after an incident, which would allow your business to get back up and running very quickly in the aftermath of a fire.

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Facts about Carbon Fire Suppression Systems
You should be aware of the characteristics of CO2 fire protection systems to understand the benefits they can provide to your business:

Clean, Dependable, Versatile
Unlike the CO2 systems developed in the early 1900s, today’s systems are equipped with sophisticated detectors, high-tech control panels, and computer designed agent distribution networks. Carbon dioxide systems are the best fire protection solution for many applications. They provide automatic or manual fire protection for hazards where Class A (combustible materials capable of producing deep-seated fires), Class B (flammable liquids and gasses), and Class C (energized electrical equipment) fires could occur. They can be found in today’s industrial plants, commercial facilities, and even aboard ships.

The Original “Clean” Agent
Since it is a gas, carbon dioxide suppresses fire without leaving behind water, foam, or dry chemicals that could damage sensitive, expensive commercial equipment. High pressure CO2 systems are especially effective for non-occupied hazards. Personnel occupying areas protected by carbon dioxide systems must be evacuated prior to system discharge. Consequently, discharge time delays and alarms are mandatory for occupied hazards.

Serve a Variety of Applications
Typical hazards protected by carbon dioxide systems include printing presses, vaults, open pits, dip tanks, spray booths, ovens, engine rooms, coating machines, process equipment, hoods and ducts, flammable gas or liquid storage areas, and generators.

State Systems offers installation and maintenance services for the following Ansul CO2 Suppression Systems: the Ansul High Pressure CO2 Suppression System, the Ansul Bulk Low Pressure CO2 Suppression System, and the Kidde High Pressure CO2 Suppression System.

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