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  • Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety Tips for Grease Fires

    Fire safety often emphasizes how to prevent fires, but one slip-up or lapse of attention is all it takes for hot cooking oil to catch fire. Do you know what to do if a grease fire ignites in your commercial kitchen? Follow these safety tips for extinguishing grease fire flames quickly before they have a… Read More

  • Fire Prevention vs. Fire Protection

    October is National Fire Prevention month and last year marked 100 years since Fire Prevention Week was first observed in the United States.  Fire Prevention Week is observed in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire, which started in October of 1871, killing more than 250 people and destroying over 17,00 structures. Fire can be devastating… Read More

  • Burglary Prevention Tips for Commercial Buildings

    Business owners and property managers must remain constantly aware that thieves and vandals could attempt a break-in to your property at any time. When it comes to protecting your employees, customers, tenants, and assets during business hours and at night, you need a combination of building security features. Use these burglary prevention tips to make… Read More

  • Types of Access Control Systems

    If your business has sensitive areas where only authorized personnel are permitted, the best way to control security is to install an access control system. With this in place, you can use keycards, fobs, biometric scanners, or other devices to grant or deny access to anywhere on the premises, from parking garages and elevators to… Read More

  • State Systems Acquires Fire Protection & Security Segment of Lone Star Communications

    We are excited to announce that on May 15, 2023, State Systems has acquired the fire protection and security accounts from Lone Star Communications in the state of Arkansas.  Lone Star will continue to operate and serve their healthcare and education communications customers, primarily through the Rauland brand of products and the former Lone Star… Read More

  • Five Fire Sprinkler Myths

    Fire sprinklers are a large part of your property’s fire protection game plan. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to these systems: Won’t they cause more damage than the actual fire? Can I even afford a fire sprinkler system? Isn’t it true that all sprinkler heads will activate even… Read More

  • How to Winterize Your Fire Sprinkler System

    Winterizing fire sprinkler systems is a critical service needed to reduce the chance of issues associated with damage to piping because of freezing. Without checking your system, cold weather can cause your fire protection system to cease to function – or worse, burst! Fire Sprinkler System Testing State Systems suggests the inspection and test of… Read More

  • Fire Prevention Tips for Commercial Buildings

    Since October is Fire Prevention Month, we thought it would be appropriate to share tips that you can use to help prevent fires from breaking out in your commercial building.  Here are just a few: Limit the Use of Individual Space Heaters Space heaters generate heat and heat is one of the key elements of… Read More

  • Benefits of Adding a Video Surveillance System to Your Business

    Crime is a major concern for any property manager or business owner.  Video surveillance systems can be designed and installed to ease your mind and ensure that your business is protected around the clock. With a video surveillance system, you can effectively and affordably improve your building’s security. We’ve been protecting businesses throughout our service… Read More