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  • Types of Access Control Systems

    If your business has sensitive areas where only authorized personnel are permitted, the best way to control security is to install an access control system. With this in place, you can use keycards, fobs, biometric scanners, or other devices to grant or deny access to anywhere on the premises, from parking garages and elevators to Read More

  • Importance of Vent Hood Cleaning in Commercial Kitchens

    Busy commercial kitchens, like those in restaurants, hospitals, churches, hotels, schools and senior centers, are required to have measures in place to protect patrons and staff from the dangers of fire.  Regardless of how large or small the kitchen is, or the volume of food it churns out every month, people in the building could Read More

  • Guide to Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

    In restaurants and other commercial kitchen spaces, the risk of a fire getting out of hand is always present. Cooking oils, fats, grease, smoke, heat—all of these elements are present, and they provide fertile ground for a small spark or errant flame to become a full-blown blaze in a matter of seconds. To combat this Read More

  • Burglary Prevention Tips for Commercial Buildings

    Business owners and property managers must remain constantly aware that thieves and vandals could attempt a break-in to your property at any time. When it comes to protecting your employees, customers, tenants, and assets during business hours and at night, you need a combination of building security features. Use these burglary prevention tips to make Read More

  • Reporting and Scheduling Technologies for Property Managers

    As a property manager, we know that you have many responsibilities, including facilitating regular maintenance for the fire and life safety systems in the buildings you oversee.  We use a combination of technologies to help make this easier for you to manage, so that you can ensure that these crucial systems provide uninterrupted protection for Read More

  • Fire Protection & Low Voltage Solutions for Property Managers

    As a commercial property manager, nothing takes higher priority than the protection of life and property. You face countless issues related to fire safety and building security, not to mention strict industry regulations.  As a premier building systems integrator, State Systems can help you select the right solutions for the properties you manage. Then, we integrate Read More

  • Is Your Fire Alarm Ready for the 3G Shutdown?

    In 2019, major wireless carriers such as AT&T and Verizon announced that they will be shutting down their 3G networks in 2022.  These networks rely on older technology which is being phased out to make room for better network technologies, including 5G.  AT&T has already shut down their 3G network as of February, 2022 and Read More

  • Are Fire Alarms Connected to the Fire Department?

    Installing a fire alarm in your building is an important step for ensuring optimal fire safety. After all, while a fire alarm doesn’t actively put out the blaze, it alerts everyone in the building to evacuate immediately. What if a fire occurs when no one’s around? Who will call the authorities for help? Are fire Read More

  • How Often Should My Fire Alarm Be Tested?

    You trust your fire alarm to always be ready to alert you and your facility when a fire breaks out.  But how can you have the peace of mind that the system will work when you need it to?  The answer is through regular testing and inspection of your fire alarm system.  Periodic testing & Read More