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Can Fire Sprinklers Help Reduce my Insurance Premiums?

Last Updated: April 12, 2013

Fire sprinklers have been required for years by local codes and ordinances because they provide relatively simple, yet extremely effective and reliable, fire protection to facilities. Since fire sprinklers have been mandated by law, however, many business owners—including some in the Memphis, TN, Arkansas, and Mississippi area—see them as an extra, burdensome expense. They even sometimes go to great lengths to avoid fire sprinkler installation.

In reality, fire sprinklers not only provide outstanding fire protection to your facility, they also present a financially sound investment opportunity for business owners throughout TN, AR, and MS.

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Fire Sprinklers Can Reduce Insurance Premiums

Sprinkler controlled fires are less damaging than fires that break out in buildings or facilities without fire sprinklers. As a result, insurance underwriters will usually offer reduced premiums in sprinkler protected properties, which can save businesses a significant amount of money. You and your insurance carrier should be on the page as far as how often you have your fire sprinkler inspected (remember it should be done annually). This will help you maximize your benefits and take advantage of all available discounts.

Keep in mind that NFPA 25 requires many facilities to have an appropriate fire sprinkler system installed. If you don’t have one and it is required by code, you may not receive insurance at all.

If you have a fire sprinkler installed in your facility that is not explicitly required by local fire codes, make sure you contact your insurance provider to determine exactly how you can make the most of your extra fire safety measures. Having a fire sprinkler system should help strengthen your ability to negotiate a better coverage rate.

You must remember to communicate occupancy and use changes with your insurance company. If you decide to convert a part of your building from manufacturing to storage, for example, your fire protection needs would change entirely. This would change your insurance carrier’s requirements. Your fire sprinkler system was installed to protect specific parts of your property from fire. By changing these parts, your sprinkler requirements will change.

Contact State Systems for Fire Sprinkler Installation and Inspection

Always remember that the primary purpose of your fire sprinkler system is to keep your building, employees, and customers safe from fires. The National Fire Protection Association has no record of a fire killing more than two people in a completely sprinklered building where the system was properly operating, except in an explosion or flash fire or where industrial fire brigade members or employees were killed during fire suppression operations.

As an added bonus, you can often enjoy discounts on your insurance rates for having a fire sprinkler system—provided that you have it inspected annually. If you own or manage a business in TN, AR, or MS and want fire sprinkler installation and/or inspection services, contact State Systems today!

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