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A Guide to Fire Protection in Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

Last Updated: April 24, 2013

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101, Life Safety Code, defines a health care occupancy as a building, or any portion thereof, used on a 24-hour basis to house or treat four or more people who cannot escape from a fire without assistance. The reasons these people may not be able to escape include physical or mental illness, age, or security measures that the occupants cannot directly control. The buildings or portions of buildings in question include hospitals or other medical institutions, nurseries, nursing homes, and limited care facilities.

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Health care facilities throughout Meecially along great distances and down stairways from the upper floors of multistory buildings to a safe mphis, TN as well as AR and MS pose exceptional problems when it comes to moving and evacuating people—esparea outdoors.

Fire Sprinklers for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

Installing automatic fire sprinklers throughout all new health care facilities provides enhanced protection for patients and staff who may be intimately involved with fire ignition. According to the NFPA, sprinkler system design includes use of listed quick response and residential sprinklers installed throughout the smoke compartments containing patient sleeping rooms. The rapid activation of these specially designed sprinklers is intended to restrict the spread of fire and the associated products of combustion, thus reducing the need for extensive patient evacuation.

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Fire Extinguishers for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

The NFPA also states that to ensure an adequate means of first-aid fire fighting, portable fire extinguishers of an appropriate size and type should be provided at locations that are accessible to staff at all times. All building fire protection equipment, including fixed fire extinguishing systems for particular hazards such as kitchen hoods, cooking equipment, and specialized computer equipment must be marked to indicate that it has been inspected, tested, and maintained in accordance with fire code requirements and accepted engineering practices.

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State Systems is a privately owned total protection company based in Memphis, TN that seeks to embody its mission of protecting life and property for all our clients, including hospitals and health care facilities. By operating with the utmost integrity and offering superior products and excellent customer service, State Systems has positioned itself as a leader in the fire protection industry.

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