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Is Your Fire Alarm Ready for the 3G Shutdown?

Last Updated: March 29, 2022

In 2019, major wireless carriers such as AT&T and Verizon announced that they will be shutting down their 3G networks in 2022.  These networks rely on older technology which is being phased out to make room for better network technologies, including 5G.  AT&T has already shut down their 3G network as of February, 2022 and Verizon is planning to finish shutting down by the end of this year.

How does the 3G Shutdown impact your Fire Alarm System?

If your building uses a cellular communication device to contact the fire department, your system, as well as your building’s safety, could be impacted.  As 3G goes away, the cellular dialers that rely on the older technology will no longer notify your monitoring company when there is an emergency.

When the 3G networks are turned off, your fire alarm panel will display a trouble signal letting you know that it is no longer connected to the monitoring service. 

How can you ensure your alarm system will still work?

Before your alarm gets to this point, let us help you upgrade your cell dialer.  Our technicians can install a new cellular device, built for newer network technology, that will keep your fire alarm system connected and your property protected.  If you are unsure what your system needs, contact us today and we can help.

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