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Office White Noise Machines Boost Employee Productivity

Last Updated: June 25, 2013

An open plain office has many advantages, such as greater flexibility and improved collaboration. But with all its advantages, there’s one major disadvantage: excessive noise. Noise is a leading cause of employee frustration, stress, and dissatisfaction.

As employers throughout TN, AR, and MS cut costs by minimizing floor space, workstation densities have doubled. This means employees are working closer to each other more than ever before—creating serious noise disruptions. Phones, PDAs, pagers, and other devices with electronic ring tones and audio alerts are more common, creating even more disturbances. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment have become so quiet that they no longer provide enough white noise to adequately mask noises.

According to the report “How Acoustics Affect Workers’ Performance In Offices & Open Areas,” when white noise issues are addressed:

  • Conversational distractions decreased by 51 percent.
  • The ability of office workers to focus on their tasks improved by 48 percent.
  • Physical symptoms of stress were reduced by 27 percent.
  • Performance of standard tasks improved by 10 percent.

So, how can you address disruptive office noises? Let’s take a look.

White Noise Machines for Offices in TN, AR, and MS

White noise is a sound containing a blend of all the audible frequencies distributed equally over the range of the frequency band. White noise office machines work by adding background noise to an environment to “mask” other noises. These systems fill the silence with unstructured sound, or white noise, in an effort to provide undetectable sounds that drown out potential distractions.

State Systems offers installation services for the latest and most efficient white noise machines to reduce background noises. Our office white noise systems are non-distracting and unnoticeable. With a neutral sound, they can increase concentration, further boosting worker productivity and focus.

We provide two different types of white noise systems for offices in TN, AR, and MS:

  • Personal white noise systems provide business-grade privacy for an individual work area. The personal systems focus on a specific area, while also masking other distractions. The individual office white noise systems don’t require personalized training to install.
  • Open-office white noise systems allow for sound masking for a centralized, open-space work environment with multiple offices or cubicles. This setting offers a more uniform and comfortable level of white noise management.

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