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Requirements for Nurse Call Systems in Nursing Homes

Last Updated: November 28, 2018

If you work in or have spent time visiting a nursing home, it’s easy to see how important it is to enable good communication among patients, clinicians, and caregivers. With new, streamlined nurse call systems in place, patients stand a chance to enjoy a higher quality of care.

At State Systems, we carefully consider the methods and technology needed to enhance patient care in nursing home facilities while granting caregivers and staff convenience and peace of mind. The following features will explain how newer technology is becoming a requirement for nurse call systems in nursing homes and what this means for caregivers and patients.

Introducing “Smart” Digital Devices in Nursing Homes

Mobile handsets are taking communication in the healthcare industry by storm. Using a mobile handset provides real-time data to monitor the activity of your staff and patients. Some new technologies predicted to improve nurse communication include IP-based health care communication solutions and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) that integrate with smartphones. Both of these technologies help nurses instantly communicate with each other and patients.

Nurse Call System Functionality Improvements

There are so many benefits to having an advanced nurse call system for your nursing homes. One major improvement in recent years has been the shift toward operational flexibility, specifically by implementing collaborative platforms that go beyond the use of single-point communication tools. Using smart digital devices, nursing workflows can be simplified with access to clinical data such as labs, vitals, and monitoring data while they remain in touch with their team, patients, and peers.

Software Integration for Nurse Call Systems

In an advanced nurse call system, integrating data and communication systems is key for maintaining good workflow. Many nurse call stations are now integrating features so that they have all-around access to patient data and communication within a single device. In many cases, these devices are synced to a device through an app.

Integration continues to remain of great importance since nursing homes and hospitals must often work together to manage the patient experience. For the patient, this means all the impertinent information about him or her is available for the caretakers who need it to make the most informed care decisions.

An advanced nurse call system in a nursing home has evolved from simply integrating beds or phones. In today’s world, nurses can now integrate their devices with the electronic health record (HER) and similar software systems to ensure that important patient information is always in reach.

Learn More About Technology for Nurse Call Systems Today

At State Systems, we know that the best nurse call systems are capable of providing valuable conveniences and data, from having easy access to patient information to being able to communicate across an entire team with ease. Some advanced nurse call systems can also provide insight into how much time they are spending with their patient, and how else they are spending their time.

The possibilities for advancing the way doctors, patients, and caregivers communicate in nursing homes today is improving every day. Visit State Systems today to learn more!

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