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Case Study: Campus Fire Alarm Service with Northwest Mississippi Community College



When Michael Carson came to Northwest Mississippi Community College five years ago, he inherited facilities with a medley of different systems for monitoring, access and safety – many of which were outdated. Supervision of fire alarms in 43 buildings across NWCC’s 247-acre Senatobia campus was just one of the many responsibilities on Michael’s task list as lead electrician for the college. State Systems was currently servicing other aspects of campus needs, and in the course of facilitating those projects and proving themselves capable, Michael petitioned NWCC leadership to expand the State Systems’ partnership into campus fire alarm services.


Establishing a single product and platform for fire alarms at NWCC was the primary objective and one State Systems was well versed in.

“It’s not productive for me to be calling five different people to inspect and service five different kinds of fire alarms – nor can I be the expert on that many different products,” Michael said. “I needed one group of people I could trust to help keep the college running in this arena and make my job easier. State Systems has done a great job in meeting these needs.”

Given the number and diversity of current fire alarm systems at NWCC, the solution State Systems provided was a phased approach. State Systems recommended an Edwards EST system to comprehensively protect our facilities. As NWCC has built new facilities and renovated old ones, State Systems has installed the Edwards EST system in each building – most recently in two remodeled student dormitories.

“As we’ve added buildings, State Systems’ partnership has grown with us,” Michael said. “More new construction is in the pipeline, and when I’m able, I advocate for State Systems to help us keep progressing toward the goal of maintaining a consistent platform.”

Michael has become quite familiar with the Edwards EST system offered by State Systems and can operate it to a point, but credits Cedrick Richardson and the State Systems team of technicians for helping support the campus when further expertise is needed via phone or in person.


Any company can provide a product or solution to fix a problem; however, the partnership with State Systems has not only met the need for NWCC but also led to an evolving relationship. Executing a plan to take the campus’ fire alarm systems from five to one has made life easier for Michael, and he acknowledges the extra mile the State Systems team has gone.

“With any project, there will be kinks along the way, and we understand that,” Michael said. “The point that always reassures me is that, as soon as I get on the phone, someone is on campus physically or walking me through troubleshooting steps by phone. State Systems is diligent about not just patching issues, but actually fixing any problems we run into.”

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State Systems has proven to be a consistently dependable partner in completing their assigned portion of the project on-time and in budget.

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