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Case Study: Fire Suppression Systems with Tegra Medical



For many manufacturing plants, production has become an around-the-clock necessity. Alan Bragg, human resources executive for Tegra Medical’s manufacturing facility in Hernando, Mississippi, can attest to this need. The medical device company utilizes CNC machines in the production of their orthopedic devices. From time to time, the drill breaks in the machines and the metal would become so hot that it would catch on fire and create a volatile fire event that his team handled in a very reactionary way. First, they had to recognize that a fire had occurred and then would attempt to put it out with a handheld fire extinguisher. Because of this, the machines could never be operated unmanned, which prevented additional production opportunities overnight.


After evaluating all of his concerns, Alan called upon State Systems for an assessment of the situation. In meeting with State Systems, Alan was impressed to know that they are one of the few authorized distributors of Firetrace, one of the world’s leading automatic Micro-Environment fire suppression systems. During the installation, State Systems put detection tubing around the machine area. The detection tubing, along with a suppression agent, reached the chambers of the equipment and could quickly detect and extinguish any flames almost immediately.


After State Systems recommended and installed Firetrace, the results were very evident. Fires were recognized quickly and extinguished in record time, minimizing the spreading of flames and potential damage to the facility. The flames were controlled and contained to the immediate area of the machines.  After fires, the machines were able to quickly get back to operating, further increasing production times. Perhaps the biggest boost was that production could now be set up to run unmanned all night without concern.

In addition to the knowledge State Systems brought, Alan said he could not be more impressed with the level of customer service State Systems has provided. “One of the most impressive aspects of their customer service is the ability to respond to my needs before I have them,” he said. “They even keep spare parts for us to come out and replace, as needed, after fire situations. Now that is quality service right there!”

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One of the most impressive aspects of their customer service is the ability to respond to my needs before I have them. They even keep…

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