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Case Study: Comprehensive Services with Woodland Presbyterian Church and School



In 2008, Gene Brinkley, the facility manager of Woodland Presbyterian Church and School, was unhappy with the complex and inefficient procedures for maintaining the property’s fire protection and security systems. He had contracts with five different vendors for the maintenance of the property’s fire extinguishers, fire alarm system, emergency and exit lights, fire suppression system, kitchen vent hoods, security and access control systems, and irrigation backflow preventers. This created a challenge when an integrated system managed by multiple vendors required maintenance. It was difficult to determine which company was responsible for the problem at hand. As a result, Gene wasted valuable time during urgent situations calling one vendor after another to find someone who could help him. Paperwork was a headache too. Gene had to keep up with invoices and paper inspection reports from five different sources, which made budgeting and proving compliance time-consuming.


At the time, State Systems provided fire alarm maintenance as one of Gene’s five vendors. He was impressed with how his contact, Megan, always responded to service requests quickly and with valuable feedback. He decided to reach out to her to ask if she could help him find a way to simplify the inspections and maintenance process.

Megan came out to the property to assess the situation. She suggested that we provide him with a comprehensive service plan. With State Systems, he would rely on one contact at one company for all of his needs. Another added benefit for Gene was the reduction of paperwork. State Systems’ inspection reports are available online, so it was no longer needed to file away old inspection reports and to maintain hard copies. Billing would be simplified, as he would receive invoices from one company, instead of five. As an added benefit, State Systems streamlines inspection scheduling, so interruption to campus activity would be minimal.

During the assessment, Megan learned that Gene had plans to expand the school’s facility. She knew that the current fire alarm panel, which was obsolete and could not support the newer devices that would be installed during the renovation, must be upgraded to support the needs of an expanded building. Gene had State Systems replace the panel and was able to save thousands of dollars on the upcoming expansion.


Since the initial assessment over seven years ago, State Systems has been keeping the Woodland property safe and compliant with comprehensive inspections and maintenance. Gene continues to consult with Megan on product purchases and system upgrades regularly. According to Gene, Megan’s in-depth understanding of facility maintenance has allowed him to make more informed purchasing decisions and improve financial planning and overall design.

When asked to describe his relationship with State Systems, Gene replied, “State Systems is one of the top names in this line of business. You are dealing with a reputable company that knows how to take care of its customers,” Gene said. “I couldn’t do what I do without the support of the State Systems team. They have made my job that much easier.”


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