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Fire Alarm Monitoring in Nashville, TN

24/7 Monitoring Service in Nashville

Having an installed and regularly inspected fire alarm system in your building is only the first step in protecting your employees’ and customers’ lives. A fire can start at any time—even when no one is in your building. While alarm systems are able to activate immediately, you still need some level of monitoring to protect your building or company—State Systems can provide that.

State Systems offers 24/7/365 fire alarm monitoring services throughout the Nashville area.

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What’s Included

Our fire alarm monitoring services are conducted through our third party, UL-Listed, FM-approved central monitoring stations which employs SIA-certified operators to monitor and respond to emergencies 24/7/365.


Our licensed and experienced technicians install the monitoring capabilities into the fire panel and maintain it. We can install monitoring capabilities in new installations or retrofit them in to your older fire alarm system.

Note: We can monitor all types of fire alarm systems, but service for proprietary systems is generally completed  by the manufacturer’s representatives, not State Systems.

Emergency Monitoring & Response in Nashville

For our fire alarm monitoring customers in Nashville, State Systems guarantees that our technicians will arrive at your location within one hour in the case of a fire and within four hours in the case of any problem other than a fire.

When the monitoring facility receives a signal from your building’s fire alarm system, an operator at the monitoring station will immediately notify the proper authority (local police, fire department or paramedic unit). They will also notify the designated parties at your company and our team at State Systems.

Common causes that your system may emit a signal to our monitoring service include:

  • Panic button activation
  • Manual fire alarm panel activation
  • Detection of a fire condition

Daily Testing

The monitoring stations receive test signals from the systems daily to ensure that the alarm system is communicating with the monitoring station. If there is a disruption to the test signal, State Systems is notified and a technician will be dispatched to troubleshoot the system at your location.

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