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Fire Alarm Systems in Huntsville, AL

Your building’s fire protection system is critical for saving lives and reducing property damage if a blaze breaks out. The fire alarm is a particularly significant aspect of this system. After all, even though it doesn’t actively extinguish the flames, your fire alarm is essential for alerting building occupants of the hazard. Only then can everyone escape to safety before their lives are in immediate danger.

State Systems, Inc. is your source for industry-leading, NFPA-compliant fire alarm design, installation, inspections, testing, repair, maintenance and monitoring in Huntsville, AL. We are fully licensed to service fire alarms in Alabama (License # A-0537).

For more information about our fire alarm services in Huntsville, or to request a quote, please contact State Systems today.

Fire Alarm Design & Installation

There’s much more to a fire alarm than just the components you can see and hear when the alarm goes off. Everything that happens behind the scenes must be implemented precisely to ensure your fire alarm installation is effective and compliant.

Our Huntsville fire protection company uses advanced CAD software to customize a design suited to your building’s unique requirements. We install high-performance components from Autocall with the precision and accuracy that comes from having years of experience in the fire protection industry.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

An optional feature for Huntsville business owners is to have their fire alarm linked to a monitoring station. With this setup, emergency personnel is notified automatically when the alarm goes off. 24/7 fire alarm monitoring provides unmatched peace of mind and may help further reduce property damage by ensuring an immediate response from the fire department.

State Systems offers monitoring services to our clients in Huntsville. We’re here for you around the clock to ensure you receive the help you need as quickly as possible during a fire or other emergency.

Fire Alarm Inspections & Testing

The fire codes established by NFPA 72 require business owners to conduct fire alarm inspections and testing on a routine basis. State Systems can keep your system compliant with in-person inspections of your control panels, system devices, pull stations, horns and strobes as often as required.

We also conduct daily tests of monitored systems to ensure a strong, reliable signal between your alarm and the monitoring station. If we detect a disruption, we’ll dispatch a technician to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Fire Alarm Repair & Maintenance

A well-designed fire alarm comprised of high-end components should serve you well for many years without having any issues. You can further reduce the chance of a system malfunction by making fire alarm maintenance a priority.

Then, if your equipment ever experiences power failures, false alarms or unreliable performance, we recommend scheduling fire alarm repair as soon as possible. State Systems offers 24-hour support to ensure your building isn’t left unprotected for long. Don’t hesitate to call us for assistance at any time of day or night.

Fire Alarm Services in Huntsville, AL

If you are constructing a new business in Huntsville or renovating your existing building, count on State Systems to perform a high-quality fire alarm installation. We encourage you to consider monitoring for peace of mind as well. With the system up and running, you can rely on our fire protection company to provide the ongoing services required by local and national fire codes. Our technicians are highly experienced with performing inspections, testing, maintenance and repairs.

To request an estimate for fire alarm services in Huntsville, please contact State Systems today.

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