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Amerex Fire Extinguishers

Installation, Replacement & Training in the Mid-South

Fire extinguishers are an integral part of your building’s fire protection plan. At State Systems, we’ve partnered with Amerex, a leading manufacturer of fire extinguishers. If you need fire extinguisher service or training for your Amerex units or wish to have those fire extinguishers installed, contact us today.

For service in the Mid-South, including Tennessee, Mississippi or Arkansas, call us at 901-531-6550.

Types of Extinguishers from Amerex

Amerex has a diverse line of fire extinguishers that can protect you and your company, no matter the use or the cause of fire. Since 1971, the company has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of extinguishers for commercial and industrial applications. Their line of hand-held portable fire extinguishers includes:

  • ABC multi-purpose stored pressure dry chemical extinguishers
  • Carbon dioxide stored pressure extinguishers
  • Class D stored pressure dry powder extinguishers
  • Coast Guard approved 2.5 gallon AFFF foam extinguishers
  • Foam stored pressure extinguishers
  • Halon 1211 extinguishers
  • Halotron I “Clean Agent” extinguishers
  • High flow extinguishers
  • High performance dry chemical extinguishers
  • Model 240 water extinguishers
  • Purple K stored pressure dry chemical extinguishers
  • Regular dry chemical stored pressure sodium bicarbonate extinguishers
  • Wet chemical stored pressure Class K kitchen extinguishers

Whether you manage a restaurant, industrial vehicle fleet, military base or health care facility, Amerex has a specialized and approved fire extinguisher for any risk of fire. Most models feature a six year manufacturer’s warranty and all metal valve construction so they are easy to use (including a large loop, pull pin and bi-lingual labels).

Our Services in the Mid-South

At State Systems, we strive to provide full-service fire protection to protect your life and property. Part of that starts with your fire extinguishers. We provide installation, inspection, training and replacement of Amerex fire extinguishers. Learn more about our services below or call us at 901-531-6550 to request an estimate.

Fire Extinguisher Training

At State Systems, we know that even the best fire extinguishers are basically useless if you don’t have people who know how to use them. That’s why we provide annual hands-on fire extinguisher training that complies with Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) standards. Fire extinguisher training has been shown to increase fire extinguisher effectiveness by increasing employee confidence, thus making them more effective at fighting fires. If you have Amerex fire extinguishers installed in your Mid-South building but need to schedule training for your employees, call us today at 901-531-6550!

We offer fire extinguisher installation services and training in these cities and the surrounding areas:

  • Arkansas (AR): Blytheville, Forrest City, Helena-West Helena, Jonesboro, Marion, Paragould and Wynne
  • Mississippi (MS): Batesville, Clarksdale, Cleveland, DeSoto County, Greenville, Greenwood, Grenada, Hernando, Horn Lake, Olive Branch, Oxford, Senatobia, Southaven, Tunica and Tupelo
  • Tennessee (TN): Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Dyersburg, Fayette County, Germantown, Jackson, Lakeland, Martin, Memphis, Millington, Tipton County and Union City


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