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Class D Fire Extinguishers

A fire in your commercial building isn’t something you want to think about, but you must always be prepared for an emergency. In order to give your employees the best chance of putting out a blaze before it gets out of control, you must arm them with the right kind of fire extinguishers and the knowledge to use them. State Systems is happy to provide both.

If you own a factory, auto body shop or machine/CNC shop, specific fire prevention laws apply to you. Learn about the type of fire extinguishers you need and the services we provide to help keep your building safe below or call us for service in Tennessee, Arkansas or Mississippi

When to Use a Class D Fire Extinguisher

Class D fires consist of combustible metal, especially potassium, magnesium, titanium and zirconium. These metals are not found in ordinary residences or commercial buildings, but laboratories and industrial facilities are an exception. If small metal shavings get into the air, and especially if they mix with sawdust, a spark is all it takes to ignite a blaze.

It’s important to know that water and other firefighting methods may make metal fires worse. At the same time, Class D fire extinguishers are effective against no other type of fire than combustible metal blazes. These fire extinguishers contain dry powders including sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, bicarbonate, graphite and salt-based chemicals to put out the blaze.

Class D Fire Extinguisher Installation

A fire extinguisher is only useful if your employees can get to it in time. State Systems is up-to-date with the latest installation requirements to keep your building safe and code compliant. During the installation, we can also verify that Class D fire extinguishers are what you really need. If there’s a risk of another type of fire starting on your property, we’ll also recommend installing the corresponding type of fire extinguisher.

Class D Fire Extinguisher Inspection

To make sure your fire extinguishers remain operable for years to come, you must have them inspected and tagged annually. Knowledgeable technicians from State Systems can complete these maintenance tasks for you.

Class D Fire Extinguisher Training

What good are fire extinguishers if your staff doesn’t know how to use them? Take advantage of our hands-on fire extinguisher training to make sure every employee feels confident using a fire extinguisher if the situation calls for it.

If you need fire extinguisher installation, service or training in the Mid-South, please contact State Systems today!

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