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Kidde Fire Suppression Systems

Installation, Inspection, Repair & Replacement

State Systems, Inc. is proud to be an authorized installer of Kidde® Fire Systems products. Designed and installed to meet the highest industry standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Kidde fire protection systems have been protecting life and property for more than 90 years.

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Kidde System Installation

State Systems, Inc. can install a Kidde fire suppression system in your Mid-South building in order to protect life and property of your business. If you are located in Tennessee, Mississippi or Arkansas, contact us online or call us today for an estimate!

Our certified technicians can determine the best Kidde system for your fire protection needs. Learn more about some of the specific Kidde systems that we specialize in.

Kidde High Pressure CO2 Suppression System

The Kidde carbon dioxide fire suppression system is an engineered system available in three application configurations:

  • Total flooding (for unoccupied areas)
  • Local application
  • Hand-hose line

The Kidde CO2 system includes:

  • Detector
  • A control unit
  • Agent storage cylinders
  • Piping
  • Discharge nozzles

With this system, gaseous carbon dioxide rapidly suppresses fire by a combination of cooling and oxygen displacement—quickly extinguishing any fire while protecting your valuable equipment that might otherwise be damaged by traditional fire sprinkler systems. Discharge duration and agent flow rates are customized for the individual application and installation in your facility.

Clean agents available with our Kidde systems include:

  • Kidde FM-200
  • Kidde Novec 1230
  • Kidde FE-13
  • Kidde Argonite

Kidde WHDR Restaurant System Installation

Kidde has an extensive line of fire suppression systems tailored for commercial kitchens. All systems, which we can install in your restaurant or commercial space, exceed UL 300 and NFPA standards and can be customized for your property.

The Kidde WHDR Wet Chemical System offers 24-hour automatic or manual protection for commercial cooking areas, including:

  • Ducts
  • Plenums
  • Hoods
  • Cooking surfaces
  • And more

The system’s wet chemical agent is designed for quicker flame knockdown and faster suppression. This Kidde restaurant fire suppression system offers unmatched coverage, with fewer discharge nozzles and flow points, meaning reduced installation time and cost.

Kidde System Inspection & Repair

If you already have a Kidde fire suppression system, you should schedule regular inspection and know who to call if you need maintenance or repair. It’s important to ensure that your system is operating properly and will be able to quickly suppress a fire from damaging your property and equipment or endangering lives.

State Systems, Inc. can provide all of those services on existing Kidde systems. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or repair!

Fire Suppression Systems from Kidde in TN, MS & AR

We offer Kidde fire suppression system installation services in these cities and the surrounding areas:

  • Arkansas (AR): Blytheville, Forrest City, Helena-West Helena, Jonesboro, Marion, Paragould and Wynne
  • Mississippi (MS): Batesville, Clarksdale, Cleveland, DeSoto County, Greenville, Greenwood, Grenada, Hernando, Horn Lake, Olive Branch, Oxford, Senatobia, Southaven, Tunica and Tupelo
  • Tennessee (TN): Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Dyersburg, Fayette County, Germantown, Jackson, Lakeland, Martin, Memphis, Millington, Tipton County and Union City

To learn more about the Kidde fire suppression system we can install for you, or for a quote, contact us or call 866-308-5701.

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