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Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems in Huntsville, AL

If your Huntsville business operates machinery or commercial vehicles to get the job done—especially those in the steel mill, landfill, forestry, or waste management industry—it’s important to have an individualized fire protection system for your vehicles.

Vehicle fire suppression systems can:

  • Prevent costly repairs
  • Keep insurance costs down
  • Reduce downtime after a fire emergency
  • Help prevent serious, and possible life threatening injuries

vehicle fire suppression tn ms arAt State Systems, we offer vehicle fire suppression services in Huntsville & Northern Alabama area. Call us today or contact us online to schedule an estimate on a fire suppression system for your commercial vehicle or fleet of machinery.

Possible Causes of Vehicle Fires

Commercial vehicle fires can be caused by a number of sources:

  • Engine Compartment – The engine compartment contains fluids, fuels, oils, and greases, all very near to high heat sources.
  • Battery Compartments – Battery compartments are a serious potential fire hazard when combustible material builds on top of the battery.
  • Transmission, Torque Converters, and Parking Brakes – These are all a potential high heat source that could cause combustible materials to ignite.
  • High Pressure Hoses – A ruptured high pressure hose could also be an ignition source.

Industrial Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Industrial vehicles are plagued with potential fire hazards and burn at an alarming rate. These fires pose a serious and grave threat to operator safety and can also disrupt business operations and productivity. Industrial vehicle fire protection systems require regular inspection and strict maintenance in accordance with NFPA 121, NFPA 17, and the manufacturers’ installation manual.

Our highly skilled and trained technicians can inspect and service all types of vehicle fire suppression systems for businesses located in the Huntsville area.

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

We are proud to install the following industrial vehicle fire suppression systems:

  • Ansul LVS Vehicle Fire Suppression System
  • Ansul A-101 Vehicle Fire Suppression System
  • Ansul Checkfire Vehicle Fire Detection System
  • Amerex Kodiak Vehicle System
  • Kidde KVS Vehicle Fire Suppression System
  • Kidde Sentinel Vehicle Fire Suppression System

Contact us today to for more information on our vehicle fire suppression systems for Huntsville businesses!

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