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All You Need to Know about Ansul Piranha Fire Suppression Systems

Last Updated: May 28, 2013

Restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, airports, sports stadiums, and other high-traffic facilities throughout Memphis, TN, Arkansas, and Mississippi require sophisticated fire suppression systems. The Ansul Piranha Fire Suppression System is one such system. As the only agent-plus-water fire suppression system hybrid on the market today, the Ansul Piranha system outperforms all conventional single-agent systems on a number of fronts. The system employs the best firefighting attributes of both extinguishing agents: the fast flame knockdown and securing power of wet chemical and the fast cool-down capability of water.

Ansul Piranha systems attack fire using the rapid flame knockdown and securing capabilities of PRX™ Liquid Fire Suppressant. The superior cooling effects of water follow, quickly cooling the cooking media and further helping prevent reflash.

Ansul Piranha Fire Suppression System Performance

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has adopted a new fire testing standard (UL300) to improve fire protection in restaurant cooking areas—and it applies to all units manufactured after Nov. 21, 1994. In UL300 testing, the Ansul Piranha system cooled hot grease 15 times faster than single-agent wet systems, required 60 percent less chemical agent, covered hazard areas better, and provided a cost-effective means to protect the cooking equipment.

According to Ansul, further tests have shown dramatically increased firefighting performance:

  • Twice the coverage of conventional single-agent systems
  • 15 times faster than conventional single-agent systems in cooling down cooking oils
  • 60 percent less chemical agent required and covers hazard areas better
  • Flexible overlapping nozzle coverage for most appliance arrangements
  • Smaller and fewer agent storage tanks required per system

How the Ansul Piranha Restaurant Fire Suppression System Operates

The Ansul Fire Suppression System operates in a very efficient manner:

  1. A fire starts in the protected area…
  2. Heat-sensitive fusible link detectors activate the system.
  3. Appliance energy sources are automatically shut off by accessory equipment appropriate for the type of fuel used by your cooking equipment.
  4. The fire extinguishing agent is discharged into the plenum and duct and onto the cooking appliances.
  5. The agent and the hot grease mix to form a foam. This temporarily seals combustible vapors, helping inhibit re-ignition. This seal must not be disturbed.
  6. mmediately following the agent discharge, water will start discharging through the same piping network. The addition of the water adds to the foam layer and helps cool the hot grease and appliance faster.

Ansul highly recommends that you have your Piranha Fire Suppression System inspected at least monthly. Contact State Systems for more information—we’re proud to be an authorized Ansul distributor.

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