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How Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems Work

Last Updated: July 19, 2013

Fire protection systems sometimes harm – and even destroy – the very items they are intended to protect. Your intent with commercial fire protection is to prevent damage– not cause it. Clean agent fire suppression systems are an innovative approach to fire protection that protect the employees, assets, records, and equipment that are crucial to your Memphis-area business’s survival.

Company-debilitating damage is not always caused by fire, but the method of extinguishing fire that delivers a majority of the loss.

What Is a Clean Agent System? 

Clean agent fire suppression systems are waterless and deploy immediately without leaving behind oily residue or water that can damage irreplaceable assets.

It is important to understand how a clean agent fire suppression system works and how your business can benefits from this choice before selecting the best fire protection system. Not sure if a fire suppression system is needed for your office? Contact us today!

How does waterless fire suppression system work?

In order to minimize damage from a fire and also from efforts to stop it, clean agent fire protection systems use a gaseous agent rather than water to diffuse fires. In some cases, chemical fires cannot be put out with water or traditional fire sprinkler systems.

When a fire suppression system is installed, cylinders containing the clean agent (such as FM-200 or CO2) are stored separate from the protected area. They are connected to rooms throughout your office space through a piping network that connects to nozzles professionally spaced within each potential fire location. When heat or smoke is detected, an electronic signal is sent to the control unit to send the clean agent gas through the cylinders and piping network.

With technological advancements, the control unit for the clean agent fire suppression system can optimize the pipe valves to only send the clean agent directly to the hazardous zone. These systems also have the capability to link to audio and visual alarms, close vents and doors to prevent the spread of fire, and even turn off electrical equipment.

Once the clean agent reaches the room in which a fire has been detected (usually in less than ten seconds!), the nozzles will open and deflector shields can direct the agent toward a particular fire-filled zone. As the clean agent floods the room, the oxygen content is diluted enough to stop the fire and prevent combustion. This system can be a life (and asset) saver for your data center or archive library to limit the damage to your equipment and prevent the spread of a fire.

At State Systems, our professional and certified technicians can install a clean agent fire suppression system in your business or company’s office space throughout Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. This fire suppression system includes the agent, agent storage cylinders, release valves, fire detection system wiring, piping, and nozzles.

Benefits of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Some important features and benefits of clean agent suppression systems:

  • Safety – A clean agent fire suppression system can be installed for both occupied and unoccupied rooms. In combination with its quick extinguishant and people-safe features, this system makes a strong case for protecting your most valuable resources – your employees.
  • Waterless Protection – The clean agent stored in the cylinders flood the room as a gas that is harmless to both your employees and equipment. This means it will not damage electronics, files, or irreplaceable collectibles. This also means that there is usually very little clean up or residue after the fire has been put out.
  • Fast Acting Protection – The system reacts within seconds to extinguish a fire in your business or organization’s building. It will diffuse the fire quickly and also minimize the amount of soot and smoke that fills a room during a fire.
  • Concentrated Fire Damage – Because clean agent systems are so fast acting, damage from fire is usually limited to the specific machine or area that caught flame.
  • Minimized Downtime – How long would it take for you to resume business after a fire? What would that interruption cost your Mid-South business? With a clean agent fire suppression system, there should be little downtime for getting your business back in action. The fire should be detected and extinguished within seconds, there is no residue or water damage to clean up, and the fire damage should be contained to a small space.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Clean agent systems are safe for the environment and have zero o-zone depletion potential.

Types of Clean Agents for Fire Suppression

Fire protection companies, like State Systems, can install a variety of brand and manufacturer clean agent fire protection systems. Even if you have an outdated Halon fire protection system, certified fire protection technicians can use the standing structure and layout to upgrade to a state of the art clean agent system. Acceptable clean agents, like FM-200 and carbon dioxide, meet the standards for fire protection systems and are governed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Clean agent fire suppression systems are ideal for business and organizations such as:

  • Data centers
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Health care offices
  • Collectible and antique stores
  • Chemical storage
  • Museums
  • IT rooms
  • Any many more!

FM-200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

The FM-200 fire suppression system is one of the most well-recognized and respected clean agent fire suppression systems in the world today. The best feature of this system is that it can reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, which allows the FM-200 to halt combustible, electrical and flammable liquid fires.

If you operate a business in tight quarters with limited space, you’ll be pleased to know the FM-200 is an excellent clean agent fire suppression system for you. The FM-200 agent is stored in cylinders as a liquid and pressurized with nitrogen, which makes for a highly compact fire suppression system. Conduct your business with minimal stress with the space-saving FM-200 fire suppression system.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

In addition to the FM-200 suppression system, State Systems specializes in CO2 fire suppression system installation. We’ll properly install a CO2 fire suppression system for your Mid-South business space, which will safeguard your sensitive electronic equipment, data center, filing room etc. against fires. CO2 fire suppression systems take advantage of the extremely high density of carbon dioxide to quickly and effectively suppress fires. These systems are completely safe and can be found in today’s industrial plants, commercial facilities and even aboard ships.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System Installation & Inspection Services

If you are looking for a safe, effective, and environmentally harmless fire protection method, we can install a clean agent fire suppression system in:

  • Memphis, Jackson, Dyersburg, Union City, and Martin, Tennessee
  • Jonesboro and Crittenden Co., Arkansas
  • Oxford, Tupelo, Batesville, and Desoto Co., Mississippi

To find out more about the clean agent fire suppression systems we install, inspection, test, repair, and replace, or for a quote, contact State Systems today!

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