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What is an ANSUL System?

Last Updated: November 8, 2019

As a business owner in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, or Alabama, your top priority should be to protect your building along with the people and products inside. Fire is an ever-present threat in almost every industry.

Along with taking the proper precautions to help prevent fires, you should also outfit your building with the appropriate extinguishing equipment. An ANSUL fire suppression system could be the right solution if you operate a business with special hazards.


ANSUL is a line of special hazard fire protection products designed to meet strict standards and tested under the scrutiny of independent labs and approval agencies all over the world. Tyco Fire Protection Products introduced this premium brand in 1939.

As technology has changed and new hazards have emerged, ANSUL has continued to work closely with different companies to make sure modern fire protection products serve their intended purposes.

The specific industries that could benefit from ANSUL systems include:

  • Aviation
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Clean manufacturing
  • Metal processing
  • Museums and archival storage
  • Data centers
  • Forestry service
  • Marine and offshore platforms
  • And many others

Types of ANSUL Systems

Since special hazards vary between industries, ANSUL offers several products to meet the needs of your business. The products we install here at State Systems include:

  • SAPPHIRE Novec 1230: This clean agent suppression system uses a revolutionary fire protection fluid that instantly vaporizes upon discharge. This suffocates the flames and absorbs heat without leaving behind residue that could damage sensitive equipment. The system is also quite environmentally friendly, with a global warming potential (GWP) of 1.
  • INERGEN: This is the clean agent of choice when people occupy the area in need of fire protection. INERGEN uses nontoxic nitrogen, argon, and trace amounts of carbon dioxide to extinguish fires. It’s safe for people and has a GWP of 0, making it the most eco-friendly fire suppression option available.
  • R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System: This liquid agent knocks down flames and cools hot surfaces quickly. It simultaneously generates a tough vapor securing blanket that helps prevent re-ignition.
  • PIRANHA Dual Agent Restaurant Fire Suppression System: The only agent-plus-water fire suppression hybrid on the market, the PIRANHA system is specially designed to protect hoods, ducts, fryers, griddles, and other appliances and fixtures associated with commercial kitchens. It consistently outperforms conventional single-agent systems.
  • Carbon Dioxide Systems: As the original “clean agent,” carbon dioxide starves flames of oxygen without leaving residue behind. Of course, it’s only suitable for uninhabited locations, such as control rooms, bank vaults, flammable liquid storage areas, printing presses, and others.
  • Vehicle Fire Suppression System: Commercial vehicles and moving equipment are just as vulnerable to fire as brick-and-mortar buildings. Vehicle fire suppression systems from ANSUL can keep your fleet safe from the threat of fire.
  • ANSUL Fire Extinguishers: ANSUL offers three lines of fire extinguishers: SENTRY, CLEANGUARD, and K-GUARD. The applications for these extinguishers range from general-purpose settings to harsh, corrosive environments to commercial kitchens. Handheld extinguishers put the firefighting power in the hands of your employees to supplement the automated action of a fixed suppression system.

State Systems Is an ANSUL Double Diamond Alliance Partner

At State Systems, we are proud to specialize in ANSUL fire suppression system installations for businesses in the Mid-South. Less than 20% of ANSUL distributors operate as a Diamond Alliance Partner, a distinction that sets us apart from the rest.

To learn more about ANSUL systems, or to request an estimate, please contact us today.

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