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Fire Protection Equipment Inspection in Huntsville, AL

You made the right move when you installed your fire sprinklers, extinguishers, alarms, and suppression systems. However, installation is only the first step. To keep your fire protection system in top working order, you must schedule routine inspections with a licensed professional. That’s where State Systems comes in. We have years of experience servicing fire protection equipment, repairing damaged parts and helping businesses in Huntsville remain code-compliant.

Having a non-working fire protection system can be more dangerous than not having one at all! Don’t let your equipment fall into disrepair—contact us to schedule your next fire protection inspection.

Fire Protection Inspections

State Systems is licensed and certified to perform the following services:

  • Fire alarm inspections: We can inspect, test, adjust and repair every component of your fire alarm system. Our job is to make sure the alarm functions as intended if a blaze ever breaks out in your Huntsville building. We are well-informed on the most recent rules and regulations, so we’ll make sure your fire alarm complies with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes.
  • Fire sprinkler inspections: One of the top reasons for fire sprinkler malfunctions is the lack of proper maintenance. Don’t allow your business to fall into this category! Make sprinkler inspections a priority to ensure this system saves lives and reduces property damage if a fire occurs. At the very least, scheduling fire sprinkler maintenance keeps your business code-compliant to avoid fines and penalties.
  • Fire pump inspections: The only way to be certain your fire pump will work if you need it is by conducting regular tests. State Systems can perform the annual inspections you need, including testing the water flow and pump pressure. Call us to learn what tests are required for the type of pump you have.
  • Fire suppression system inspections: The highly trained and experienced technicians at State Systems can test any type of fire suppression system you have. Our specialties include clean agent systems, CO2 systems, and more from brands like Ansul, Pyro-Chem and Kidde. Our inspections uncover any problems with your equipment, which we can repair quickly to ensure seamless performance in a fire.
  • Commercial kitchen suppression system inspections: Restaurants are susceptible to fires on a daily basis because of high cooking temperatures, flammable oil and the bustling nature of this industry. Make sure your commercial kitchen doesn’t succumb to disaster by inspecting your suppression system regularly. State Systems can help you follow the recommended schedule for testing, cleaning and repairing components as needed.
  • Fire extinguisher inspections: NFPA codes require fire extinguishers to undergo a visual check once a month. Then, you need a licensed professional to perform annual maintenance. State Systems makes the process easy with our web-based inspection reporting system, enabling us to track the services you receive so you stay on a code-compliant schedule. Our headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee is also a DOT-licensed test facility set up to perform fire extinguisher hydrostatic testing. This service is required every six years for most types of extinguishers.

Fire Protection Inspection Services in Huntsville, AL

Our fleet of fire protection trucks is ready to serve your business with quality inspection services. We ensure your system is code-compliant by going above and beyond the requirements set by the NFPA. If you have any fire protection-related systems that require maintenance, let us know. We can even inspect vehicle fire suppression systems according to NFPA standards.

For answers to your questions about fire protection inspections, or to request services, please contact State Systems in Huntsville today.

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