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How to Find a Fire Protection Inspection Company

Last Updated: January 20, 2018

While you (hopefully) almost never use your fire protection system, you want it to be ready at a moment’s notice. This is why it’s so important to inspect your equipment frequently. After all, having non-working alarms and extinguishers you think you can count on is often more dangerous than not having fire protection equipment at all!

If you want to keep your building safe and code compliant, you want to make sure you have the right company for the job! Here’s more on how to find a fire protection inspection company and what services you should expect.

What to Look for in a Fire Protection Inspection Company

As you begin searching for a company to inspect your fire protection systems, you should do far more than merely compare rates. Make sure that you’re working with a company that has the following:

  • Licenses and certifications: Fire protection inspection companies are required to be licensed and certified to prove their competency. For instance, State Systems is licensed to inspect fire protection systems in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. Additionally, our technicians each earn certification to perform inspections using the latest techniques as required by fire code.
  • Knowledge of and adherence to fire codes: The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established requirements for fire protection system inspections. Instead of taking the time to understand these regulations yourself, choose a company that is well-versed in the intricate fire codes that apply to your building. At State Systems, we go above and beyond standard NFPA regulations to ensure optimum safety and indisputable code compliance.
  • Maintenance agreements: Since inspections are required by law, you can save time, money, and hassle by automating your inspection schedule with a maintenance agreement from a fire protection company. State Systems offers this convenient option to our customers in the Mid-South to ensure you never again miss a critical inspection deadline.
  • Emergency services: Problems don’t always occur during regular business hours, and you want your fire protection inspection company to understand this, too. To ensure your building is never left unprotected for long, our fleet of mobile fire inspection service trucks are on call 24/7. We’re prepared to handle any emergency situation involving your fire protection equipment, no matter what time of day or night the crisis occurs. If you have an emergency, please contact us immediately!

Fire Protection Inspection Services

In short, if you have fire protection equipment in your building, the NFPA has requirements for inspecting it. It is essential that your fire protection inspection company services the required systems. Here are the types of systems we service in accordance with NFPA regulations:

  • Fire alarms: Our fire alarm inspections include maintaining, testing, and (if needed) repairing any and all components in your building’s fire alarm system, including detectors and sensors, horns and strobes, control panels, pull stations, and more.
  • Fire sprinklers: While it’s important to visually inspect your fire sprinklers, this is merely where our services begin. We also test vital components, record drain readings, perform flow tests, and much more.
  • Fire pumps: High-rise buildings with sprinkler systems often require fire pumps, and fire pumps require inspections and testing. State Systems can perform minimum and peak flow tests, churning services, and more for code compliance purposes.
  • Fire suppression systems: We perform routine maintenance on both stationary and vehicle fire suppression systems in accordance with NFPA standards. We’re equipped to service clean agent and CO2 systems, including those from Ansul, Kidde, and other manufacturers.
  • Commercial kitchen fire suppression: Cooking fires are among the most common in commercial buildings. Make sure yours is ready to fight a fire at any time with routine commercial kitchen fire suppression inspections.
  • Fire extinguishers: Professional fire extinguisher inspections are required annually. In addition to providing these services, we also offer monthly fire extinguisher inspections and tagging services for our customers. Plus, our headquarters in Memphis, TN is a hydrostatic test facility licensed by the Department of Transportation. This means we can facilitate fire extinguisher hydro-testing as required by the NFPA.
  • Emergency lighting: Monthly and annual testing are required to keep your emergency lighting system compliant. You can perform monthly tests yourself—which involve a 30-second battery test and checking for physical damage—or you can leave this to your fire protection company. Annual inspections—including a thorough 90-minute test, in-depth cleaning, and other equipment checks—must be performed by a licensed professional.

Hire a Fire Protection Inspection Company in the Mid-South

State Systems is proud to be a licensed and certified fire protection inspection company. Our courteous and knowledgeable technicians can meet your needs with round-the-clock services right when you need them. To learn more, or to schedule an inspection in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, or Alabama, please contact us online or call 901-531-6550 today.

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