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Huntsville Fire Extinguisher Service & Training

When a small fire breaks out, your best weapons are a clear head and a working fire extinguisher. State Systems, Inc. is happy to help you cultivate both! We offer the fire extinguisher services you need. Let us ensure your building is outfitted with the correct size, style and number of extinguishers. We can even train your staff on how to use a fire extinguisher so they feel confident if they must ever wield one.

If you’re looking for fire extinguisher services in Huntsville, State Systems can serve you. Please contact us today to learn more or to request an estimate.

Fire Extinguisher Installation

The first two minutes of a fire is the most vulnerable time. If you or a staff member see a blaze break out, you have the opportunity to douse it with an extinguisher before it can do much harm. Work with State Systems to ensure you install the proper extinguishers in your building based on the type of fires most likely to break out.

We sell and install the products you need from some of today’s most trusted brands, including ANSUL, Amerex, Badger, Kidde and others. Here’s what we offer:

Fire Extinguisher Inspections & Maintenance

Once the proper fire extinguishers are installed, you can’t simply forget about them. Monthly visual inspections can be performed without formal training. This once-over involves checking the installation location, looking for evidence of tampering, making sure the canister is in good condition and other similar tasks.

Then, inspections from a professional are needed once a year. If it’s been more than 12 months since your last fire extinguisher inspection, schedule one with State Systems today. We implement a web-based reporting system to guarantee timely tests for your fire extinguishers. This allows you to focus on running your business, with automatic reminders when it’s time to schedule your next appointment. Trust us to keep your extinguishers functional and your business code-compliant.

Fire Extinguisher Testing & Recharging

Every six years, fire extinguishers must be hydrostatically tested to ensure the tanks are still structurally sound. The State Systems headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee is a DOT-licensed hydrostatic test facility set up for performing fire extinguisher testing. If your extinguishers pass the test, we will recharge them and put them back in service for the next six years.

Of course, you can have your fire extinguishers recharged at any time. If you discharge the canister when fighting a fire or even release a little pressure by accident, request recharging services from State Systems. Our services ensure your extinguishers are ready to battle a fire at a moment’s notice.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Even a perfectly functional extinguisher is useless if the person wielding it doesn’t know how to use it properly. That’s why State Systems provides hands-on fire extinguisher training that complies with OSHA standards. We help staff members get comfortable using a real extinguisher to fight a virtual-reality fire. It’s the safest, most in-depth training your employees can receive. Hopefully, they will never need to use this skill, but after their training, everyone on your team will be ready to douse a small blaze if necessary.

Fire Extinguisher Services in Huntsville, AL

Every business in Huntsville should be equipped with fire extinguishers. State Systems helps companies like yours comply with regulatory standards while keeping your employees and property as safe as possible.

Partner with our full-service fire protection company in Huntsville for all your fire extinguisher needs—contact us today to get started!

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