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Types of Fire Protection Services

Last Updated: March 24, 2018

The possibility of a fire breaking out in your building may seem remote, but unexpected blazes catch home and business owners off guard every day. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), over 1.3 million fires occur in the US every year, including structure fires, vehicle fires, and outdoor fires. These blazes result in approximately 3,400 civilian deaths, 14,700 civilian injuries, and $10.6 billion in property damage annually.

Make sure your business is prepared for the possibility of a fire by investing in the right fire protection services. These vary widely, with differing needs depending on your industry. Here are the top fire protection services you can seek from State Systems

Fire Protection System Design

The layout and fire hazards of every building are different. Naturally, your fire protection system must meet the needs of your business, meaning ready-made layouts might not cut it. Instead, you need a fire protection company to design and customize your setup to avoid mistakes, prevent unnecessary expenses, and make your building as safe as possible.

Fire Protection System Installations & Replacements

With a design plan on paper, the next step is to install the equipment following the appropriate guidelines for code compliance. This can occur during the initial construction phase of a building or years later as a replacement project. The safety of your building and the people and property inside depends on the operational precision of your fire protection system, so the installation process is one you should take very seriously. It may require anywhere from a few hours to a few days to install your equipment.

Fire Protection System Upgrades

As equipment wears out and regulations change, you may find it necessary to upgrade parts of your existing system. Working with a company that possesses knowledge of the latest fire safety technology and code requirements ensures you pursue the proper upgrades in a timely manner.

Fire Protection System Inspections & Maintenance

Once the system is established, keep it up and running—not to mention code compliant—with routine inspections and maintenance. Codes exist for inspecting fire alarms, fire sprinklers, fire pumps, fire suppression systems, commercial kitchen fire suppression systems, and fire extinguishers. Web-based reporting makes inspections as convenient and easy-to-track as possible.

Fire Protection System Repairs

While inspections and maintenance help to prevent system breakdowns, malfunctions are impossible to avoid entirely. When a problem occurs, seek repairs as quickly as possible. 24/7 emergency services ensure you aren’t left without working fire protection equipment for long.

Fire Alarm & Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

If your fire alarm or sprinkler system goes off, fire alarm monitoring and fire sprinkler monitoring ensure emergency personnel is notified, and fire trucks dispatched to your location immediately. This service greatly reduces the chance of substantial property damage and gives you peace of mind in case a fire starts while your building is vacant.

Code Compliance

The NFPA has over 300 codes and standards for designing, installing, and servicing fire protection equipment. Instead of spending time pouring over these regulations, work with a certified fire protection company that can ensure code compliance in every aspect of your business. This service applies during the initial design phase of a new fire protection system, as well as during inspections of older systems that may require upgrades to prevent code infractions.

Networked Fire Alarm Systems

Operating a complex of commercial buildings or overseeing a college campus means you are responsible for fire safety several buildings. A networked fire alarm allows you to monitor systems across campus from a central location to improve control, lower the total cost of ownership, and integrate mass notification system announcements that keep everyone informed in case of an emergency.

Fire Extinguisher Sales

Codes require commercial buildings to possess one or more fire extinguishers of the proper type and size. Before you purchase extinguishing equipment for your property, work with a fire protection company to help you select appropriate extinguishers for your needs.

Fire Extinguisher Training

It’s one thing to purchase extinguishers and mount them on the wall according to fire codes—it’s another thing entirely to have knowledgeable employees who feel confident using a fire extinguisher during an emergency. You can increase the effectiveness of your handheld extinguishing equipment, remain code compliant, and help save lives by pursuing fire extinguisher training from a fire protection company.

Schedule Fire Protection Services in the Mid-South

State Systems is a licensed and certified fire protection company servicing the Mid-South, including Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all your fire protection needs to ensure fire code compliance and life safety within your facility.

To schedule any of the fire protection services listed above, or to learn more about fire protection requirements for your industry, please contact State Systems online or call us at 901-531-6550 today.

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