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Fire Suppression Systems in Little Rock

Installation, Repair & Testing Services in Arkansas

If your business relies on sensitive electronic equipment in order to operate, the water from a fire sprinkler system can do as much damage as a fire itself! For Little Rock area businesses like these, fire sprinkler systems are not an option—which is why State Systems offers fire suppression system services to our customers!

Our fire suppression systems react quickly to fires, suppressing them to minimize damage, clean-up and business downtime. Fire suppression systems are designed to protect things like financial records, data storage and data rooms, industrial equipment, health care records, collectibles, historical sites and more.

Inergen Fire Suppression System

Our Fire Suppression Systems

At State Systems, we offer a variety of fire suppression systems designed to keep your building safe from fires at all times, including:

Aside from loss of life from fire, there is nothing more devastating than mass property destruction, loss of information and downtime for you repairs. That’s why at State Systems, we offer the widest range of fire suppression products in the Mid-South market, including Little Rock, to help keep you in business. For fire suppression systems, we offer:

Fire suppression systems are used in conjunction with various fire alarm and detection systems to protect your most valuable business assets. State Systems is a licensed FM-200 and CO2 recharging station and employs NICET designers and technicians. We are an authorized suppression systems distributor of ANSUL Incorporated (Tyco Safety Products), FireTrace, Guardian, Kidde Fire SystemsPyro-Chem (Tyco Safety Products) and Range Guard.

Little Rock Fire Suppression System Inspection & Maintenance

The most important thing you can do for your fire suppression system is to make sure it works at all times in order to protect your employees and property. State Systems provides fire suppression system inspection and maintenance throughout Little Rock to keep your system in compliance and, most importantly, to keep your facility and employees safe. We use Web-based inspection reporting methods to keep track of your inspections and monitor the integrity of your system.

If you’re ready to install a fire suppression system in your building in Little Rock, or if you have a fire suppression system and you need to have it inspected, click here or call State Systems today at 901-531-6550!

“State Systems is one of the top names in this line of business. You are dealing with a reputable company that knows how to take care of its customers. I couldn’t do what I do without the support of the State Systems team. They have made my job that much easier.” – Gene Brinkley, Facility Manager for Woodland Presbyterian Church and School

Learn more about full-service fire protection throughout Little Rock from State Systems.:


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